‘Get­ting a naked street bike around here at this pace is bloody im­pres­sive’

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BOTH BIKES RE­ALLY are su­perb. They’re quite dif­fer­ent to each other, not only on the spec sheet, but also how the feel when you ride them. They’re both great fun to ride, and I have to say, for a naked street bike, to get round Don­ing­ton in 1:40s or less is bloody im­pres­sive. I re­ally like the Street Triple’s en­gine. It has a re­ally use­ful spread of power, and good lev­els of torque every­where. The Moto2 rid­ers are gonna love it. The rest of the bike is re­ally play­ful and loves a good thrash­ing. My kind of bike.

The Speed Triple is my favourite, though, not just be­cause it’s got a lit­tle bit more power, but mostly be­cause its sus­pen­sion re­sponded bet­ter to ad­just­ment than the Street RS’s. We did a lot to the Street, and in the end it re­ally didn’t make that much of a dif­fer­ence. It needed more. The Speed RS re­sponded to the ad­just­ments, and in­stantly felt like a dif­fer­ent bike, and the was more range avail­able.

I’d like a lit­tle less in­ter­ven­tion form the trac­tion con­trol on the Speed RS, and a lit­tle less ABS in­ter­ven­tion on the Street RS, but it’s im­por­tant not to get car­ried away. Th­ese are first and fore­most street bikes, so it’s hardly a crit­i­cism.

Speed Triple re­sponded bet­ter to ad­just­ments Street RS’s ABS in­ter­ven­tion needs tam­ing

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