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“SMOOTHER IS SAFER for me be­cause I don’t like it when the bike moves too much. So it’s not re­ally the way I want to ride, it’s just the way I ride, the way I feel good. I try to be clean with my lines and this helps me put the bike in the right di­rec­tion.

“First I try to feel con­fi­dent with the front tyre, then once I’ve got full con­fi­dence there, I start work­ing on my drive out of the cor­ner. I en­joy slid­ing the front tyre, when I don’t crash! If the tyre warns you and you keep push­ing, then you will crash, but if you slow down a bit and take some load off the front, you’re still on the bike.

“For me the exit is the crit­i­cal part of the cor­ner – find­ing the best grip and get­ting good drive. This is the area where I some­times strug­gle the most, also be­cause the rear tyre is what changes the most on a bike dur­ing a race. You don’t have the same feel­ing all the way through the race, so you must adapt. When you brake, en­ter the cor­ner and use your cor­ner speed, it’s al­most the same feel­ing with new or used tyres, but still I need to adapt quicker for the exit when the rear tyre drops.

“I use my body weight to lift the bike to find more grip, but some­times by do­ing that you lean off too much which makes the bike un­sta­ble. The key is to pick up the bike quickly, but stay on it and use the weight of your body to keep the front tyre in con­tact with the ground.”

Adapt­ing to the chang­ing tyre per­for­mance over race dis­tance is the chal­lenge

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