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IF YOU ask it to take you some­where, and you man­age to punch in the cor­rect ad­dress, it’ll do that. Ba­sic sat­nav func­tion ful­filled. But, to suit to­day’s must-have-more cul­ture, it’s rammed with more fea­tures than I can find and use.

One that’s use­ful is cre­at­ing a route on the screen by drop­ping and join­ing pins, though it’s a bit clunky in the way the screen re­sponds, and if you ac­ci­den­tally cre­ate one try­ing to move the map around, it’ll spend ages cre­at­ing a route you don’t want, so it gen­er­ally takes a while.

And that’s typ­i­cal of the myr­iad func­tions – they’re ba­si­cally good, but it’s slow to re­spond and the key­pad isn’t easy to use in gloves, and some of the dis­plays are hard to make sense of. You get there in the end, but it’s all a bit too fid­dly. The in­cluded fit­ting brack­etry is cheap and ugly – a nasty steel han­dle­bar clamp, and the main holder fits to­gether with bolts that are too long and re­strict the mount­ing po­si­tions you can use. The power ca­ble is also one piece and is re­tained by the holder once it’s bolted to­gether, mean­ing you have to leave the whole thing on the bike, or re­move it from bat­tery to bracket. I cut the ca­ble and added a con­nec­tor, but even that’s not par­tic­u­larly easy be­cause of the ca­ble type used.

It has many small, yet largely point­less, fea­tures, such as a fuel range. Most modern bikes can dis­play this – or a prox­i­ma­tion – any­way. It feels a bit like Garmin have tried to bol­ster the unit’s use­ful­ness by cram­ming as much in as pos­si­ble, in­stead of mak­ing the very ba­sics of it ab­so­lutely sec­ond-na­ture to get to grips with.

It does the job, but it can be frus­trat­ing to use, and for this money, hav­ing to buy a neater RAM mount and mod­i­fy­ing the wiring isn’t ac­cept­able.

It’ll get you from A to B well enough, but it’s costly and far from per­fect

Holder fit­ment fea­tures stupidly long bolts

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