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CHRIS, I READ your col­umn on the dan­gers we face rid­ing on the roads. Four weeks ago while go­ing around a sweep­ing right han­der at around 70mph a deer jumped out in front of me. It was a split-sec­ond de­ci­sion; I hit it dead cen­tre. I heard the noise of car­bon-fi­bre beaking up, I felt the im­pact and went slid­ing to­wards an on­com­ing car, with my bike slid­ing down the road in front of me. Luck­ily the car stopped as I did.

My point is my num­ber wasnt up. I reckon I went over the front and the dead deer went over me. My bike is all car­bon-fi­bre and be­cause I was down and to the right of the bike I sur­vived. A point to note: that day I wasnt look­ing to win any races but de­cided on tex­tile jacket, full race gloves, back pro­tec­tor and an­kle bike boots, I did not have any lower pro­tec­tion but was wear­ing jeans that cost me a rash on my butt and knee. My jacket was de­stroyed, my back pro­tec­tor grazed, hel­met beaten up, gloves and boots de­stroyed. The point is, my kit saved me, if I did not have most of it I think I may have bro­ken my back, and ground down my wrists, el­bows and an­kles. I have a one-piece suit but hate to wear it off track cause I look like the Vil­lage Peo­ple in it and feel like a dick.

The les­son I took from this might sound a bit wor­thy, but it’s worth re­peat­ing: wear full kit be­cause any­thing can hap­pen. It could have been a dog; the ef­fect would be the same at 70mph. Cheers An­drew Wil­liams

Project Blade vs GSX-R K5

A thought came into my head to­day when I had a quick glance at the light­weight Fireblade col­umn (that sort of thing is right up my al­ley)... Have you thought about putting it head to head with Kar Lee’s GSX-R1000 K5?

I know and un­der­stand that some of the mods done to the Blade are on an­other level, but I have fol­lowed Kar’s K5 for a long time now and that thing is a proper weapon (car­bon wheels, Öh­lins, Brem­bos, etc) and also roughly from the same era. Two proper fet­tled ana­logue thous: imag­ine...

On an­other note, I have a mint GSX-R1000 K5 for the road which I want car­bon wheels for... any ideas what brand seems to be the best? I was think­ing Dy­mag CA5; have you any ex­pe­ri­ences of them?

Fi­nally I also have a Day­tona 675R track bike, and I want some work do­ing on it over win­ter. Have you had any­thing to do with T3 Rac­ing as I’m very par­tic­u­lar about who I let work on my bikes. Or would you rec­om­mend any­one else? Chris Boland CN – CA5s will see you right; they’re what Rut­ter used on his light­weight Ma­cau bike last year. And T3 are a sound bunch – give them a shout.

Rea’s re­turn

The cap­tion on page 39 last month was in­cor­rect, I’m afraid. Johnny Rea wasn’t mak­ing his Suzuka de­but this year; al­though it was his Kawasaki de­but. He was a reg­u­lar there while he rode for Honda and won the race in 2012 for FCC. As him, Leon and I were about the only na­tive English speak­ers in the cir­cuit ho­tel in those years I used to sit with them on

oc­ca­sion at break­fast to es­cape the Frenchies for 20 min­utes or so! Mike Wain, R2CL En­durance CN – you’re ab­so­lutely cor­rect, and I have whipped the man re­spon­si­ble for this over­sight with a bull’s piz­zle.

Yeah, thanks Michael

It’s not of­ten I have cause to curse Michael Rut­ter, but last month, I det­o­nated the big­gest C-bomb of my life af­ter open­ing the pages of PB. Nope, he hadn’t duffed me up into Redgate whilst do­ing a Rut­ter Test at Don­ing­ton, and he hasn’t snubbed me for an au­to­graph at Thrux­ton BSB (this year). What he had done was pick up the last of Honda’s RC213VSs, and I swore if I ever won the lot­tery that’s the first thing I’d do. OK, I haven’t won the lot­tery, but I stand by my point (sim­ply be­cause I’m jeal­ous). All I can say is that Mr Rut­ter must have some in­cred­i­bly gen­er­ous spon­sors. Bring it home for the win at Ma­cau, Michael, and I’ll put a few quid in the swear box. Andy Larkins

I told you so...

So, Chris’s MV Bru­tale has fi­nally re­vealed it­self for the tem­per­a­men­tal Ital­ian bike we all knew it was (PB, Oc­to­ber) with its al­ter­na­tor is­sue. I know your head­line said, ‘Don’t say “I told you so”...’ but... I told you so! Mau­rice Hog CN – Bike own­er­ship has its ups and downs, no mat­ter what the bike. And any­way, I’ve sorted it now, al­beit at con­sid­er­able per­sonal ex­pense... More on the 750’s progress next month.

Keep it Kevlar

I can’t be the only one who’s ex­cited to see how Project Blade ends up. But, I’m beg­ging you, don’t get the body­work sprayed ; the bare car­bonKevlar fin­ish will look the bol­locks. Ben Thomp­son CN – No it wouldn’t; it would look sim­ply bol­locks. Any­way, see p84 for progress on the bike...

What you wear is en­tirely down to you, but a split sec­ond af­ter this, Chris was on the verge...

Rut­ter de­prives reader Andy of an RCV

LIV­ING IN THE 19TH CEN­TURY? Write to us at... Per­for­mance Bikes, Me­dia House, Lynch Wood, Peter­bor­ough PE2 6EABare car­bonKevlar: it’s not to ev­ery­one’s taste

It’s fine, Chris’ll have it all back to­gether

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