2017 SUZUKI GSX-R1000R

John makes the rau­cous GSX-R a lit­tle eas­ier to han­dle, at the ex­pense of his so­cial me­dia stand­ing...

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WHEN I MEN­TIONED on Twit­ter that I wanted to fit cruise con­trol to the Suzuki, I was sub­jected to a healthy dose of piss-tak­ing. Yes, if the bike was a ded­i­cated track ma­chine I would agree, but the GSX-R is my work­horse for all things dis­tance re­lated as well as my Sun­day morn­ing speed fix.

That’s the beauty of the blue beastie; it’s a su­perb all-rounder and, let’s be hon­est, if there is any type of bike which you’d need to rest your throt­tle hand on it’s a sports­bike, due to the ex­tra weight on your wrists.

BMW and Aprilia seem to agree as both the RSV4 RF and S1000RR come with cruise con­trol as stan­dard. OK that’s enough of the jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for my old man mods, let’s get on with it.

There are a mul­ti­tude of me­chan­i­cal sys­tems to lock your throt­tle but I wanted one as good as the fac­tory-fit sys­tems. What that means is look­ing for some­thing which in­te­grates di­rectly with the bike’s ride by wire. Ob­vi­ously if it was to mal­func­tion it could po­ten­tially be rather up­set­ting (imag­ine if the sys­tem de­cided I needed 100% throt­tle while ne­go­ti­at­ing a round­about at 30mph, for ex­am­ple). A high qual­ity fully in­te­grated so­lu­tion for the GSX-R was needed.. Thank­fully there is just such a sys­tem, from Aus­tralian com­pany MC Cruise (no re­la­tion to MC Ham­mer).

It comes with a de­tailed in­struc­tion book­let which is pur­pose writ­ten for each ap­pli­ca­tion with pho­to­graphs for ev­ery step of the in­stal­la­tion. It also in­cludes all the re­quired hard­ware el­e­ments, even down to al­co­hol wipes to clean the mount­ing area for the con­trol mod­ule. A quick skim of the 29-page in­struc­tions and I soon re­alised this wasn’t go­ing to be a 20-minute job.

I’d rec­om­mend you set aside three or four hours to in­stall the kit; it took me about three, with no real snags. One of the best things is you don’t have to cut any of the orig­i­nal wiring; the kit comes with the match­ing orig­i­nal con­nec­tors so all you have to do is piggy back the sys­tem with the OE har­ness. On some con­nec­tors you have to back-out some of the pins from the ter­mi­nal blocks and plug them into the newly pro­vided con­nec­tors. It’s a lit­tle fid­dly and takes a while to get the feel of how to un­hook the latches on the pins.

The sys­tem also con­nects to the brake light cir­cuit so if you press the brakes (front or rear) the cruise con­trol dis­en­gages. Once it’s all fit­ted there is a one-time

cal­i­bra­tion pro­ce­dure to fol­low to teach it where zero and full throt­tle are. You can also cus­tomise how much the speed will change when you press the ad­vance/ de­crease speed but­ton on the switchgear. I left it at 1.5mph per press, which seems about right.

I’ve been us­ing it for about six weeks now and I’m im­pressed. My only crit­i­cism is the but­tons on the con­trol mod­ule are quite far apart and a bit of a stretch for my thumb. You re­ally have to let go of the han­dle­bars to reach the ON but­ton. The con­trol box is a uni­ver­sal fit so I guess on some bikes it can be mounted closer to your hand, but on the GSX-R it’s a stretch.

Once en­gaged, speed is main­tained beau­ti­fully. It will work at any speed and any gear so there are no re­stric­tions in its use. I have had no mo­ments when the throt­tle has done any­thing un­to­ward with the sys­tem en­gaged. And longer jour­neys have now be­come much more bear­able.

MC Cruise sent me their op­tional Blue­tooth mod­ule. Op­er­ated via a phone app it gives greater flex­i­bil­ity in set-up, and some de­vel­op­men­tal fea­tures such as not be­ing able to ex­ceed the speed of the road that you’re rid­ing on. The kit comes in at around £350, de­pend­ing on the value of the quid ver­sus the Aussie dol­lar.

‘Once fit­ted, a one-time cal­i­bra­tion pro­ce­dure teaches it where zero and full throt­tle are’

In­cre­men­tal speed ad­just­ment is a bit of a stretch for Ben­nett’s stumpy thumb...

Fit­ment took Ben­nett around three hours. It’s not clear if that in­cluded the time re­quired to read the 29-page in­struc­tion man­ual...

The MC Cruise kit in­cludes con­nec­tors to match the Suzuki’s OE com­po­nents

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