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“THE F3’S STAN­DARD sus­pen­sion set-up was a good bit out. Cu­ri­ously, it needed preload adding to the shock and re­mov­ing from the forks. Nor­mally you would find a bike needs preload adding or re­moved at both ends, but it’s quite un­usual to have to add some at one end and re­move it from the other. It’s as though no-one has both­ered to check the set­tings at the fac­tory...

“In the case of the damp­ing set­tings, I was nearly at the end of the range avail­able, which isn’t a prob­lem be­cause we did find a re­ally nice set-up in the range avail­able. I added one turn of preload to the shock to get to 13mm sag, and re­moved three turns of preload from the forks to get to 26mm sag. Then I added 2.5 turns to the rear com­pres­sion to get to half a turn from fully in, and one turn to the re­bound to get to two turns from fully in. Fi­nally, I added two turns to the forks’ com­pres­sion to get to one turn from fully in, and 1.5 turns to the front end’s re­bound, to get to 1.5 turns from fully in”.

Stan­dard shock set­ting needed a full turn of preload in order for it to work best for Rut­ter

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