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OW­ING TO THE MV wet­ting its pants at Don­ing­ton, it never made it to the dyno (for ob­vi­ous rea­sons of safety). How­ever, we have had the 800cc triple en­gine on the dyno be­fore, housed in both an F3 and Bru­tale, and we know they’re good for around the low 130bhp mark, and around 57-58 lb.ft. But with­out a Euro4­com­pli­ant F3 on file, we can’t in­clude it.

The 959 Corse has the ex­act same en­gine as the base model 959, and the 144bhp and 74lb.ft it makes rep­re­sents Du­cati 1098 lev­els of power and torque, but at higher revs. While the power curve is smoother than a freshly shaved mott, there is a jump in both power and torque at the 5000rpm sweetspot. Both curves track a largely lin­ear pro­gres­sion from 7000rpm to their peaks.

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