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Now dis­in­fect your key­board.

WHILE I WAS read­ing the BMW R1200RS Sport SE test in the De­cem­ber 2018 is­sue of my favourite bike mag and squint­ing hard at the ac­com­pa­ny­ing photos I thought I dis­cerned some­thing you have missed from the ar­ti­cle/equip­ment lists. The thing ap­pears to have a cen­tre­stand!

OK, it’s ar­guably not that nec­es­sary on a bike with­out a chain or belt maybe, but a use­ful thing to have all the same. My much-loved CBR600F has one and I have used it now and then for wheel/chain main­te­nance and I haven’t decked it out in a cor­ner yet. Not quite the thing to be seen in a sports­bike mag­a­zine per­haps? All the best. John Cot­terell, Port­land, Dorset

JM: No, we for­got about it be­cause the shaft-drive BMW never re­quired us to use it. There wasn’t one mo­ment on the trip where it might have been use­ful. Maybe for clean­ing, but I didn’t even need to do that.

Brak­ing bound­aries

I’ve just fin­ished read­ing Johnny Mac’s ar­ti­cle about the new Su­per Duke GT and re­liv­ing his mo­ment of ter­ror with him. Read­ing it felt as though I was on the bike with him but did it re­ally not try to stand up when he jumped on the an­chors? The laws of physics cer­tainly say it should. Per­haps you could ex­plain how cor­ner­ing ABS avoids this from hap­pen­ing. Thanks for the great mag; it’s al­ways a good read and gives me loads to talk about with the lads. Dick Clarke

JM: Magic, I pre­sume. That and in­te­grated elec­tronic damp­ing con­trol – be­tween two lit­tle ECUs, it man­aged to con­trol the bike’s be­hav­iour whilst slow­ing down and mak­ing a turn.

Too big to be a stormtrooper

Johnny, those white leathers are not so flat­ter­ing. Maybe a change to a darker shade? Bet­ter still, with all the qual­ity ca­sual look­ing gear avail­able now, why the in­sis­tence on one-piece race leathers all the time with you guys?

You’re like the kid who has to get his full replica footy kit on for a kick around in the park. Don’t worry; none of you lot will be mis­taken for hip­sters, just steer clear of the skinny jeans. Chris Knight

JM: I gen­uinely pre­fer wear­ing leathers: a good one-piece al­lows you more free­dom of move­ment and com­fort. And hav­ing smashed my­self to pieces in the past, I’ve no in­ter­est in gear that pri­ori­tises style over safety.

The Fire­blade looks aw­ful...

WTF is that colourscheme meant to be? I’ve never seen any­thing as

hor­ri­ble in all my 67 years! Are you colour­blind and on acid there? Neill Clev­er­ley

…but I’ll buy it…

I’ve fol­lowed the mag­a­zine for years and love the lat­est project. Is it some­thing that PB is sell­ing now it’s com­pleted? Thank and keep up the good work. Otis Oddy

…and haven’t I seen this some­where be­fore?

I see the CBR1000 Fire­blade has had a fresh coat of paint... (it’s ac­tu­ally a vinyl wrap, but we get your point – CN) And, as a 49-year-old, I’m get­ting quite used to see­ing ‘what was once old is now new.’

Per­for­mance Bikes did a FZR back in the day and if I re­mem­ber cor­rectly it was painted in WW1 bat­tle­ship black, white and grey...

Any­way, thank you for an­other good read and, as I have of­fered in the past, if any of you guys find your­self in Bris­bane, Queens­land, we live just 20 min­utes from a 250km moun­tain range ride and we al­ways have a bike avail­able. Erski­moto

Some­one who gets it

Leave it to PB to get it right. It seems like ev­ery­body else just tries to com­pare the new Z900RS to the old Z900, but that’s not what the bike’s about. Be­ing an owner of a myr­iad of bikes and now an RS Cafe, you’ve hit the tar­get in the bulls eye. Ev­ery­thing you liked and moaned about are true. It makes a very good mod­ern day ride with­out hav­ing to pre­tend or com­pete with any­thing else.

Kawasaki gave us (the pub­lic) ex­actly what we wanted. Did they maybe do some mar­ket re­search? Who knows. But good on them, and good on PB, for get­ting it right. Skeet Wy­man , San Diego CA

Cen­tre­stands one month, ad­ven­ture bikes the next... Well, Johnny’s not get­ting any younger...

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