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Commonweal­thhasno slaverycon­nections


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the latest in a long line of people queueing up to apologise for the UK’s slavery connection­s.

Prince Harry said that we needed to “acknowledg­e the past”.

Slavery was over 200 years ago. However he is clearly confused when, speaking to Commonweal­th youth leaders, he said that the overarchin­g priority of the organisati­on must be to atone for its wrongs.

It was the British Empire which condoned slavery, not the current Commonweal­th of Nations which was formed in 1949.

Foreign nations which are offended by the UK’s past slavery history are free to hand back the billions of foreign aid they have been given over the years since it was “tainted” by slavery money.

They can also refuse to accept any of the UK’s annual £15 billion foreign aid bill.

Now that would show solidarity with slavery past and present.

Clark Cross

Via email

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