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Saturday night not the same without stock cars


Saturday evenings are just not the same for Perth stock car racer Pete Davidson at the moment.

Pete, in normal circumstan­ces, is a regular competitor at the Cowdenbeat­h Racewall but the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the season being a non-starter.

While no official date is set for a return to racing, he will be ready whenever the green light is given.

Pete (in action left), of Lawsons Garage in Methven, said: “The garage is now back open but it was closed for a while. This let me catch up with a lot of work I had been meaning to do in the house.

“But Saturday nights not spent at the Racewall are a big miss. It’s not just the racing but the social side of it that both my wife Moira and I miss.

“Both my cars are ready to race when and if we get back racing. This year I will be combining my racing with helping my grandson - Chris Jnr - when he is racing his Micro F2 and his dad is not available.

“One of my own aims is to get a win. I get a bit of stick from my son Chris who comments that I seem to go well for around 10 laps before falling away.

“To be honest I do fall away, simply because I am knackered!

“Every race I finish is, to me, a bonus. And if I get a top 10 result then I am absolutely delighted.”

Pete arrived on the stock car scene later than most.

“A lot of drivers are thinking of retiring from stock car racing when I decided to start,”he said.

“I was 54 years young. Once I decided I was going to race, that was it. I am really missing the racing just now and can’t wait until it restarts.”

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