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‘Quadbike crooksare scumbags’

Domestic abuse survivor with PTSD has been shouted at


A Perthshire woman with MS has branded the thieves who stole her lifeline quad bike “scumbags”.

Lesley McGown (62) was left heartbroke­n and angry when she discovered her prized white mini quad was missing.

Speaking to the PA, she said: “I’ve had this little quad for about eight years.

“It has been my freedom to go on adventures up the hill near our home with our grandchild­ren who are eight and six.

“I don’t want a mobility scooter, the mini quad was just ideal for me and helped me do what I love to do.

“Whoever took it are real scumbags.” with daughters

Nadia (left) and Libby

A Perth domestic abuse survivor who can suffer panic attacks when wearing a face covering has pleaded for understand­ing in shops from workers and the public.

Nicola Murray (42) suffers from complex PTSD and the wearing of a mask or face covering can trigger traumatic episodes.

With face coverings now mandatory in shops and public transport in Perth and Kinross to fight against the spread of COVID-19, the mum-of-five revealed she has been shouted at for not wearing one.

Nicola wants the public to be more understand­ing and has highlighte­d a lanyard scheme for those who have hidden disabiliti­es which may make wearing a face covering difficult.

She told the PA: “Having the bottom half of my face covered makes it feel like my breathing is being restricted, which triggers all the past trauma.

“I tried wearing a mask on Friday for a trip to a local shop and it did not go well and I ended up getting quite upset. I couldn’t wait to get out.”

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