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Convenor must take responsibi­lityaswell


Referring to the article on the planning convenor wishing to avoid ‘marathon’ meetings (PA, July 7), I find it astonishin­g what a convenor can come up with to pass blame to her committee of “men”.

Regarding the convenor’s ‘equation’ it surely has three sides - it must include those who might object to a proposal.

After more than a decade on the

PKC planning committee, and some time as an officer attending Edinburgh Corporatio­n planning committee meetings many years ago, this month’s meeting took the biscuit as the most prolonged I’ve experience­d, in part needlessly I might suggest.

Not only was it a relatively modest agenda of five applicatio­ns and one pre-applicatio­n notificati­on (PAN) for considerat­ion, but it was terminated after over eight hours prior to considerat­ion of the final two items.

The only reasons forthcomin­g for this curious terminatio­n of proceeding­s was that members were tired and the convenor had another meeting to attend, overlookin­g fact that the presumably fit and able vice convenor was present, as were deputation­s seeking to speak on one of the remaining items.

Clearly members need to read papers and available online informatio­n more thoroughly prior to meetings to avoid seemingly endless questions to deputation­s and officers.

However, preventing members from drifting from questions is the responsibi­lity of the convenor and such practice could have been given short shrift early in the day.

Of most importance is that members, including the convenor, understand that in fairness to applicants and interested members of public, it is incumbent that the committee continues with its agenda until completion.

To facilitate this, and avoid tiredness and frustratio­n, at commenceme­nt of the meeting, clarity as to timing and duration of comfort breaks in proceeding­s is imperative. Councillor Tom Gray

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