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Crisp strike like a pro


When you see a good player strike an iron shot, they make a distinctiv­ely solid noise which is produced by the correct ball to turf contact.

They do this by contacting the ball before the turf when the club is still travelling on its downswing.

Many players mistake this with ‘trying’to hit down on the golf ball and, as a result, end up making their downswing too steep, leading to many different errors.

The key to good ball striking is about controllin­g the low point of your swing and not the actual angle of attack. To improve ball striking you must move the low point of your swing arc more to the target side of the golf ball, causing the golf ball to be struck BEFORE the club head reaches the ground.

This controllin­g of the swing’s low point will naturally create the downward attack angle and crisp strike that we desire.

Firstly, place a towel on the ground roughly six inches behind the ball.

Now swing to the top of your backswing making a nice centred pivot (step 1). From the top of your backswing, work on driving your body towards your target.

This action will help transfer your weight onto your front foot and allow you to strike the ball without making any contact with the towel (step 2).

If you hang back and don’t transfer your weight, your club head will strike the towel before the ball as your swing bottoms out early (step 3).

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