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Get into Golf sessions are a big hit at the Island


Newly-introduced ladies’Get into Golf sessions have proved popular at King James VI Golf Club.

Thirteen keen-to-learn women signed up for the coaching and increased numbers are expected in the coming weeks.

Fronting up the sessions is profession­al Wallace Booth, an Eisenhower Trophy winner and former Walker Cup player who hails from Comrie.

“In the first group there were only two ladies who had not tried golf before,”Wallace explained to the Perthshire Advertiser.

“But by the end of the lesson they were all able to hit the ball pretty well. We’re going to go out on the golf course next week.

“The interest has been amazing. As bad as this lockdown has been for us all, it may be a wee blessing for the game of golf with people taking it back up.

“Who knows how it will all pan out but it is really pleasing for the club to have so many ladies interested in signing up.”

Wallace still intends to play tournament golf moving forward and is set to take advantage of a new Scottish pro tour launched by Paul Lawrie. But the coaching has certainly been rewarding.

“I really enjoy the coaching and seeing someone improve,”said Wallace, who also coaches at Noah’s Ark Golf Centre.

“It’s nice to see the delight on people’s faces when they hit a really good shot or surprise themselves. It is rewarding, obviously in a different way to playing, but it has been nice.

“I can’t say I always envisaged getting into coaching, but you often can’t plan how life turns out.

“Niall McGill gave me the chance and platform up at Pitlochry initially and I enjoyed it. I’m happy to keep it going.”

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