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Boss will bring out the best


Callum Davidson helped to mentor Kevin Moon both on and off the park.

Now the former Perth midfielder is backing St Johnstone’s new manager to play a starring role in developing the careers of the current crop.

Moon played alongside Davidson for a number of years and was always impressed with his man-management skills.

“Callum would always have time for you,”said Moon.“I was still relatively young and you look up to people who have had a good career in the game.

“He would always take time out of his day to help you. I hope and think he will do a great job for St Johnstone.

“His man-management was great and I always found he knew what to say at the right time, especially with me.

“He helped me a lot, not just the playing side but the mental side as well. That is really important for a young player.

“I think he will bring on a lot of players. He has been in the game a long time and knows how to get the best out of players.

“I’m really excited to see how he does because I think he’ll do very well. He’ll have a young team that he can mould into his own.”

Moon, now a football coach in Michigan and who also spent time playing in Australia, has always kept tabs on his boyhood club.

And he made sure to be at the 2014 Scottish Cup final to watch history be created.

“Saints actually beat us in the quarter final when I was at Raith Rovers,”Moon said.

“I still had loads of really good friends at the club and I was obviously always going to go. It was a great occasion, it really was.

“I always look out for St Johnstone and they will always be my team. I always want them to do well.

“Every year you hear the old saying that St Johnstone are over-achieving. But when you do it five, six years in a row, are you?

“Tommy Wright did a phenomenal job in getting the best out of players and having a great core throughout who served the club well.

“With the amount of top sixes the club have had, to try and improve on that is going to be tough for Callum. But I hope

he can.”

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