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No jail for heavily pregnant woman


A pregnant woman has been spared the prospect of having her baby behind bars.

Thirty-year-old Angela Newlands, who is due to give birth on January 8, faced a prison sentence after she flouted two court orders, imposed for lying to police and trying to pervert the court of justice.

But the heavily-pregnant accused had new community payback and restrictio­n of liberty orders imposed on Wednesday last week.

Sheriff Gillian Wade said she had “very little confidence”the accused would co-operate with those who were“trying their very best”to help her.

But she added:“I have to take into account you are now pregnant with another child and I don’t necessaril­y think a custodial setting is the best place to bring a child into the world.

“The only positives are that you have not re-offended and I do consider that as a major factor in how matters are disposed of.”

Newlands, previously of Perth’s Tulloch Road, will now be supervised for 12 months and will be restricted to her home in North Street, Forfar, from 7pm-7am for the next six months.

Her progress will be reviewed on February 3 and she was warned by Sheriff Wade:“I’ll expect a very favourable report.

“If there’s any breach whatsoever, be in no doubt you will go to prison.”

Newlands had previously been spared a jail term and instead was ordered to complete 180 hours of unpaid work after she admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice in a Perth city centre street while she and her lover Jordan Johnstone faced murder charges over the death of Johnstone’s sister Annalise.

She was also placed under the supervisio­n of a social worker – and had an 11-month disqualifi­cation imposed – when she gave her sister’s details to police in Foundry Lane on July 18, 2018, after ignoring a one-way sign.

But the court heard that the unpaid work order, imposed as a “direct alternativ­e”to a prison term, had been flouted.

She was subsequent­ly tagged and had a curfew imposed as well.

Newlands and her then boyfriend Jordan Johnstone were previously accused of murdering 22-year-old Annalise after her body was found dumped at the Maggie’s Wall Witch Monument near Dunning in May, 2018.

But Newlands subsequent­ly walked free from Livingston High Court in May of last year after a judge ruled there was insufficie­nt evidence to convict her.

Her co-accused, Johnstone, was also cleared after the jury returned a not proven verdict.

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