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Man pretended to choke himself during argument


An estate worker’s argument with his partner “spiralled out of control,” Perth Sheriff Court was told.

And when he was asked to leave the house, Ryan Jones refused and repeatedly attempted to stab himself as she looked on in alarm.

He then grabbed a scarf and tried to choke himself before hurling his mobile phone against a wall.

The police were contacted and the 33- year-old was found in the garden of their home in Raven Grove, Auchterard­er.

He had calmed down by then but was still handcuffed and taken to police headquarte­rs.

Now staying in staff accommodat­ion at Duchally Country Estate, Gleneagles, Jones admitted shouting and swearing at his partner and acting aggressive­ly towards her on December 1, 2020.

A not guilty plea was accepted to a further charge of assaulting the female by pushing her on the body.

Depute fiscal Sean Maher said the argument broke out when she returned from a shopping trip about 5.20pm.

He was asked to leave but refused, but then she decided she would leave.

Mr Maher said: “She saw Mr Jones standing in the kitchen, holding a kitchen knife and appearing to be forming stabbing motions. He then picked up a scarf and pretended to choke himself.

“The argument continued, with the parties shouting at each other, and a short time later he threw his mobile phone towards the wall, causing a small hole.”

As he picked up the pieces of the shattered phone, she was “successful” in having him removed from the property.

Solicitor John McLaughlin said she would be “keen” to have him back – but not immediatel­y.

He was “happy” to stay in the staff accommodat­ion while she considered the situation and they could talk things through.

“She telephoned the police because she was concerned what he would do to himself,” added the lawyer.

No alcohol had been involved and he had “bottled” things up after the death of his step-father and aunt.

Noting Jones was a first offender, Sheriff Neil Bowie said: “This conduct must have been alarming in the extreme for your partner and also for the child who witnessed some of it.”

Sentence was deferred until April 14 for the accused to demonstrat­e the incident had been a “one-off ”.

The question of a NonHarassm­ent Order was continued until then but the sheriff observed: “It would probably be unlikely to be necessary.”

Jones was ordered to be of good behaviour until then.

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