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Your elbows can play an important role in hitting more consistent golf shots.

And maintainin­g the distance between them throughout the swing will make it much easier for you to consistent­ly present the clubhead to the ball.

Any excessive splaying of your elbows during your swing will require precise timing to get the clubhead back to the ball and produce any kind of consistenc­y.

At address, you should gently squeeze your elbows together (picture 1). This will help give you the feel for what we want to continue throughout your movement.

When you reach the top of your backswing, the distance between your elbows should not have changed by much from address (picture 2).

It is in this position where players with a disconnect­ed backswing will create the dreaded flying right elbow (picture 3).

When you swing down and through, once again the distance between your elbows should remain pretty much the same, before finally separating slightly to complete your swing.

Get to the range and try hitting some balls where you feel like you’re gently squeezing your elbows together throughout your entire swing. At first this will feel a little restricted, but after a little practice you should begin to see some real improvemen­t in the consistenc­y of your ball striking and direction.

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