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Hospital patient’s abusive outburst


Police who were called to Perth Royal Infirmary just after midnight were subjected to a volley of abuse from a 22-year-old woman.

Paige Lawson, who had been drinking, fell on the Queen’s Bridge, yards from Perth Sheriff Court, and injured her elbow.

She didn’t want any treatment but one of her friends telephoned an ambulance and she was taken to hospital, the court heard.

But she kicked off at officers who tried to calm her down, calling one of them a“mongol and a paedo.”

A lawyer for the accused said she believed one of the officers had been “looking at her bottom.”

Lawson, of Strathtay Road, admitted behaving in a threatenin­g or abusive manner at PRI on March 4, 2019, by shouting and swearing and directing abusive remarks at police.

She was subject to a bail order from the Perth court at the time.

Depute fiscal Becky

Kinniston said the accused had been refusing treatment at the hospital and officers were asked to attend at 12.03am because of her behaviour.

“On their arrival she became increasing­ly abusive.

“She was warned to desist but continued to shout and swear and use various profanitie­s and was arrested.”

A solicitor for Lawson said she had been given strong painkiller­s on her arrival at PRI and had a canula in her arm.

She could remember being in the ambulance but not in the hospital.

Imposing a £200 fine, Sheriff Neil Bowie told Lawson:“Clearly this was caused primarily by your level of intoxicati­on.

“Staff at the hospital and police - have enough to get on with without dealing with this type of behaviour.

“You now have a criminal conviction to your name and, frankly, it’s not something you need in today’s environmen­t when looking for work.”

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