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Bacon fails to sizzle in predictabl­e retread Plot promises much but delivers little


Designs than gothic horror mansion but the discovery that some rooms are bigger on the inside than they are outside promises eerie explanatio­ns.

However, the subsequent revelation­s fail to get pulses racing and predictabl­e twists makes this feel like a retread of other material when it could have been something terrifical­ly original.

Bacon commits to the more psychologi­cally demanding aspects of his character but he’s a long way from his best.

His relationsh­ip with Seyfried fails to convince too – and not just because of the 27-year age gap between the two.

There are one or two unsettling scenes, with a mysterious figure creeping around in the background of the spacious house, and the threat of paranoia eating away at Theo.

Sadly, You Should Have Left has little else to make it worth your while.

One of the best things about it is adding Seyfried as another option in the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game.

●What are your thoughts on You Should Have Left? Do you have a favourite Kevin Bacon movie or performanc­e?

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Kevin Robertson contacted us to say: “I really enjoyed The Serpent on BBC1. It was a very slick production and Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman both gave really good performanc­es.”

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