Vam­pire lovers sac­ri­ficed mate for Satan

It was a match made in hell when Daniel and Manuela fell in love.

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They carved into his chest

When Daniel Ruda was look­ing for love, he placed a lonely-hearts ad in a Ger­man heavy-metal mag­a­zine.

Car parts sales­man Daniel, 26, knew ex­actly what he was look­ing for.

The ad read: Pitch-black vam­pire seeks princess of dark­ness who hates ev­ery­thing and ev­ery­one.

Quick to re­ply was Manuela Bar­tel, 23, and she was per­fect for him.

The self-con­fessed wannabe vam­pire loved to spend her time in grave­yards.

At 16, she’d run away from her mid­dle-class par­ents and spent time in the UK, at­tend­ing ‘bite par­ties’ where they’d drink each other’s blood. When she re­turned to Ger­many, she was deep into the satanic scene. She had teeth re­moved and an­i­mal fangs im­planted, and promised to serve Satan. That same year, she replied to Daniel’s lonely-hearts ad and she was the girl of his dreams. From the age of 12, Daniel had craved the ‘metal­lic salty taste’ of hu­man blood. Find­ing some­one who shared his pas­sion was like des­tiny. They trav­elled back to the UK to­gether to at­tend devil wor­ship­ping par­ties and to sleep in ceme­ter­ies. When they came back to get a flat in Ger­many, they decorated it with fake hu­man skulls, and used a cof­fin as a cof­fee ta­ble. Some­times Manuela would sleep in it – and they both avoided the sun. The couple mar­ried in 2001, on the 6th day of the 6th month. It was the start of their at­tempt to com­plete the satanic num­ber 666. To get the third, they needed a vic­tim. A month af­ter they mar­ried, on July 6, they acted on what they said was an or­der from Satan to kill. It would rep­re­sent the fi­nal ‘6’. The couple chose Frank Hack­ert, 33. He was a quiet man who Daniel had worked with.

They thought he had a great sense of hu­mour and would later say he was so funny that he would make ‘the per­fect court jester for Satan.’

Af­ter lur­ing Frank to their flat with the false prom­ise of a party, they at­tacked him re­peat­edly with a ham­mer.

‘Then my knife started to glow and I heard the com­mand to stab him in the heart,’ Manuela later con­fessed.

Frank was stabbed ex­actly 66 times on the cof­fin cof­fee ta­ble.

They then slit Frank’s veins and drank his blood from bowls.

A pen­ta­gram was carved into his chest and they left his body with a scalpel stick­ing out of his torso. Then they fled the scene. Sus­pi­cions were alerted when Manuela sent a let­ter to her mum af­ter the killing. I am not of this

world, she’d writ­ten. I must lib­er­ate my soul from the mor­tal flesh. Her mum called the po­lice and they went to their flat in Wit­ten. The shut­ters were closed, but of­fi­cers could see blood spat­tered over the bed­room walls. In­side they found Frank’s body. He was un­der a ban­ner that said When Satan Lives.

In­ves­ti­ga­tors found a long list of other po­ten­tial vic­tims.

It turned out that the couple had bought a chain­saw and in­tended to kill more be­fore tak­ing their own lives.

But they were ar­rested be­fore they could.

In 2002, they both ad­mit­ted they’d killed Frank Hack­ert, but de­nied mur­der.

‘It was not mur­der,’ Manuela said. ‘Satan or­dered us to. It sim­ply had to be.’ Daniel said that he’d

been act­ing as a tool for Satan, who had de­manded that they ‘kill, sac­ri­fice, and bring souls.’

‘If you run some­one over with a car, you don’t pros­e­cute the car,’ Daniel told the court. The trial was a spec­ta­cle. They both dressed up in Goth cloth­ing for the me­dia.

They made de­monic hand sym­bols and in­ti­mated wit­nesses.

Manuela had long claw-like finger­nails and an up­side-down cross shaved into her hair, while Daniel had filed down his teeth to ra­zor sharp points to make him­self look more like a vam­pire.

The mar­ried pair seemed to revel in the at­ten­tion the crime had brought them and even grinned at their vic­tim’s loved ones.

Al­though Manuela’s re­quest to black out the court­room win­dows dur­ing the trial was de­nied, she was al­lowed to wear sun­glasses due to her ‘typ­i­cally vam­pire’ sen­si­tiv­ity to light.

She would cut a dark and dis­turb­ing fig­ure in the court room.

Nei­ther Daniel or Manuela showed any emo­tion when they were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

But in a con­tro­ver­sial show of com­pas­sion, the judge said that al­though the couple had com­mit­ted a ‘terrible crime’, they were ‘hu­mans, not mon­sters’, and sent

them both to psy­chi­atric hos­pi­tals in­stead of jail. It was de­cided that so­ci­ety had a duty to try and cure them of their se­vere men­tal disorders. Per­haps it was eas­ier than ac­cept­ing the in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar trend of Satan wor­ship­pers that was quickly grow­ing at the time of the trial. Daniel Ruda was com­mit­ted for 15 years. His last words spo­ken to the pub­lic were: ‘May Satan re­main with us al­ways.’ Manuela Bar­tel was com­mit­ted for 13 years. She did a satanic sign with her hands as she left court.

But that’s where their twisted love story ended.

The couple split and Daniel was even ac­cused of try­ing to have Manuela killed while in­side her hos­pi­tal. Some­thing he strongly de­nied. When Manuela was re­leased in 2010, she was given a new iden­tity and has had no more contact with her ex lover.

Daniel was re­leased last year, grey-haired and claim­ing to be a changed man.

Only time will tell whether the couple who pledged their al­le­giance to the devil have re­ally turned their back on the dark side.

The twisted couple said they had di­rect or­ders to kill from Satan

Manuela had real life fangs

Daniel drank hu­man blood

Daniel Ruda has been re­leased

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