Laura Orr, 34, from Hull, got more than a cuppa at her ser­vice sta­tion…

Pick Me Up! Special - - Alarming Real Life -

Grab­bing a muf­fin and fill­ing up a cof­fee cup, I rushed to the till.

I was on my way to work, and had just enough time to pop into my lo­cal Sewell on

the go ser­vice sta­tion for a quick break­fast.

‘Just th­ese please,’ I said, plac­ing my items on the counter.

But there, star­ing at me across the counter, was a beam­ing smile. The man at the till was a dish! I could feel my face turn­ing red. ‘Thank you, Craig,’ I said, spot­ting his name badge. We ended up chat­ting for a few min­utes.

I told him that I was a sin­gle mum to Lea, nine, and Lay­ton, five, and Craig ex­plained that he had a three-year-old son, Ma­son, and was also sin­gle. Later that evening, on Face­book, I no­ticed a fa­mil­iar face among my cousin Thomas’s friends. It was Craig! Fancy a chat? I typed. Soon, Craig and I set up a date, and a week later, we met at the pub. Craig, 28, was warm, charm­ing and very ma­ture, and by the fol­low­ing year, he’d moved in with me and the kids. His son Ma­son was liv­ing with his mum. That Oc­to­ber, while my kids were away with their dad, Craig and I went to York for the week­end. As we passed the trusty Sewell garage,

Craig sug­gested pop­ping in for a cof­fee.

As the Costa ma­chine whirred into life, spurt­ing out Craig’s latte, he of­fered me a car­rier bag. ‘Here, take this,’ he said. Nosily, I peeked in. In­side was a bracelet charm, spell­ing out the words Marry Me.

My eyes flashed to Craig, who was shak­ing like a leaf, pulling a ring box out from his pocket. ‘Re­ally?’ I gasped. ‘I wanted to pro­pose at the spot where we first met,’ Craig said.

‘Yes!’ I cried, throw­ing my arms around him.

Craig slid a beau­ti­ful di­a­mond ring on my fin­ger.

Lit­tle did we know that Craig’s ro­man­tic pro­posal was caught on the shop’s CCTV cam­eras!

And the man­ager was kind enough to give us the footage, so we can watch it back when­ever we want.

The wed­ding is planned for next sum­mer, and no doubt it will Costa for­tune – so if a cer­tain com­pany would like to do the cater­ing, we’re all ears!

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