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Q I’m preg­nant and my skin has com­pletely changed. It’s so sen­si­tive and I’m suf­fer­ing from break­outs. How do I tackle it? Mad­die, Ex­eter A It’s to be ex­pected that change will oc­cur to the skin dur­ing preg­nancy. Acne break­outs are par­tic­u­larly com­mon dur­ing the first and se­cond trimester. This is due to an in­crease in hor­mones called an­dro­gens. Ex­pec­tant moth­ers need to avoid most pre­scribed top­i­cal treat­ments, and as such, good daily skin care is the safest course of ac­tion. Avoid over cleans­ing and use an oil-free and al­co­hol-free cleanser. With re­gards to your skin be­com­ing more sen­si­tive, one of the most ben­e­fi­cial things you can do is mois­turise your skin at least twice a day. I would like to re­as­sure mums-to-be that th­ese changes in preg­nancy are very com­mon and they do im­prove once your baby is born!

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