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THEY SAY: Th­ese bath salts help clear and stim­u­late the senses, pro­vid­ing sooth­ing re­lief from those pesky sea­sonal cold and flu symp­toms if you’re al­ready feel­ing run down. They’re also great for eas­ing mus­cle pains dur­ing the win­ter months. YOU SAY: ‘When­ever I feel a cold com­ing on, or if I’m just feel­ing a bit un­der the weather, I soak in the bath with th­ese salts and I feel bet­ter af­ter just half an hour. It’s a great win­ter boost!’ Tr­isha, Mar­gate WE SAY: Th­ese salts are high in min­er­als such as mag­ne­sium, cal­cium and zinc, which are ab­sorbed by the body while soak­ing in your tub. A salt bath is the per­fect way to detox­ify the body and ex­fo­li­ate the skin.

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