Lit­tle pick me ups

Sue Richard­son, 52, from On­gar, found an un­wanted stow­away in her weekly shop­ping…

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Plac­ing the de­liv­ery crates in the kitchen, my daugh­ter Beckie and I dived right in. ‘Jam­mie Dodgers!’ I smiled, grab­bing the pack of bis­cuits.

‘Per­fect with a cup of tea,’ Beckie, 20, laughed.

Un­pack­ing our Tesco de­liv­ery was a weekly event, and we were al­ways ex­cited when it ar­rived.

We weren’t the type to go to the su­per­mar­ket, pre­fer­ring our gro­ceries to be brought right to our door.

I worked as a din­ner lady, my hus­band Paul, 52, was a roofer, Beckie vol­un­teered at a pet shop, and my other daugh­ter Emma, 24, worked as a cashier.

None of us had the time to do the shop­ping!

But the kitchen was al­ways chaos on de­liv­ery day. Our two dogs, Bear and Trou­ble, have to be held back from div­ing into the new food.

We also have four guinea pigs, a para­keet, a cock­atiel, two rab­bits and two ter­rap­ins, all of which were safely stowed away while we un­packed.

As I car­ried the last crate in­side, Beckie stood out­side, mind­ing the four empty ones. Just then… ‘Mum!’ she shrieked. Rac­ing to the back door, I found Beckie hy­per­ven­ti­lat­ing. ‘What’s hap­pened?’ I cried. Beckie pointed to one of the empty crates. ‘Urggh! A rat!’ I cried. Sat in one of the crates was a big brown grubby ro­dent!

Ner­vously, I grabbed an­other crate and stacked it on top.

‘I don’t re­mem­ber order­ing that!’ I laughed. Poor Beckie was in pieces. She was ter­ri­fied of rats. As she

calmed her­self down by breath­ing into a pa­per bag, we won­dered what to do with the furry stow­away.

‘He bet­ter not have been in with the Jam­mie Dodgers!’ I moaned.

Then I called my lo­cal Tesco branch.

‘You’ve de­liv­ered a rat!’ I cried down the phone.

An hour later, a de­liv­ery man pulled up with more food, flow­ers, and a re­fund.

He re­moved the rat crate and phoned us the next day to say that pest con­trol had dealt with it.

I felt a lit­tle sorry for the poor thing – he’d only wanted a bis­cuit!

None­the­less, we never or­dered from Tesco again!

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