Lit­tle pick me ups

Stacey Sarre, 47, from Jer­sey, couldn’t be­lieve what was fished out from the ocean…

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Com­ing home from the hospi­tal, I had a nasty gash on my fore­head.

The night be­fore, I’d been out to din­ner with my son Reece, 13, and daugh­ter Mia, 11.

Com­ing home, I’d stupidly de­cided to have a go on the kids’ hover board.

But it wasn’t for me, and I ended up fall­ing over, smack­ing my head on the fire­place!

I looked for my phone to check if I had any mes­sages. But where was it? ‘You must have dropped it in the taxi home!’ the kids gig­gled.

My hus­band Alis­tair, 51, rung the taxi com­pany, but there was no luck. Mia was not happy. She’d in­her­ited my iphone 5s af­ter I’d got the new 6, but now, we’d have to share her mo­bile.

Two months later, in June, it was my turn to have the phone when a mes­sage for Mia popped up on In­sta­gram.

Want to come out? it read. It was 9am, so I mes­saged her friend back, telling her I’d see if Mia was awake when I re­turned from walk­ing our dogs on the beach.

Only, while there, our Labrador Bruiser sud­denly cut across me, send­ing me tum­bling over him and land­ing with a thud, palms-down at the wa­ter’s edge.

Get­ting up and dust­ing the sand off my­self, I car­ried on with my walk.

Ar­riv­ing home an hour later, I heard Mia stir­ring up­stairs, so I went to give her the mo­bile phone… Only, un­zip­ping my fleece pocket, the iphone 5s was gone! Run­ning to the nearby Blue Whale Beach Café, I asked if any­one had picked it up. ‘Are you on Find My iphone?’ a lady asked, de­scrib­ing an app which could trace in iphone. ‘Log in on mine and we can track it,’ she said. To my sur­prise, the pin­point was in the sea! ‘You’re go­ing to have to get wet!’ the lady laughed. So, head­ing back out to the beach, I rolled up my trousers and waded in knee-deep.

We could see it on the lady’s map, com­ing in, then out, mov­ing with the waves.

‘It’s com­ing in!’ she cried. ‘Oh, wait, it’s go­ing out again!’

‘Sod it,’ I said. ‘The phone will be knack­ered any­way.’

Giv­ing up, I went to the Ap­ple store and bought a new iphone 6s and got my num­ber


Then, a month later, I re­ceived a call.

‘Hi, did you lose an iphone 5s on the beach?’ a man asked.

‘I found it with my metal de­tec­tor last week un­der 38cm of sand. It turned on show­ing your Find My iphone con­tact de­tails.’ I couldn’t be­lieve it! I told the guy, Mi­hai Strat­u­lat, my ad­dress and he came round.

‘How did it sur­vive be­ing in the sea?!’ I ex­claimed.

‘Maybe the sand dried it out?’ Mi­hai sug­gested.

Thank­ing him pro­fusely, I gave Mia the now ful­ly­work­ing iphone 5s.

I may be a night­mare when it comes to los­ing things, but who cares when they come back from a wa­tery grave!

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