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This month... KEEP WARM THIS WIN­TER 1 Warm your­self first

It’s eas­ier to change your body tem­per­a­ture than the room tem­per­a­ture. In­stead of turn­ing up the heat, put on an­other layer of cloth­ing.

2 Layer with ther­mals

In­vest in a few high-qual­ity ther­mal pieces to wear un­der your clothes. A good ther­mal shirt and a pair of ther­mal leg­gings will keep you nice and warm.

3 Dou­ble your drapes

Adding an­other layer of cur­tains makes a big dif­fer­ence in keep­ing the cold out. Black-out cur­tains work par­tic­u­larly well, as they pro­vide bet­ter in­su­la­tion.

4 Bub­ble wrap your win­dows

Poorly in­su­lated win­dows are a ma­jor cul­prit for heat loss. Adding a layer of bub­ble wrap to your win­dows as an in­su­lat­ing layer can work won­ders.

5 Flip your fan

Ceil­ing fans turn clock­wise, push­ing cold air down to cool off a room. Switch them to turn the other way, and they’ll push cold air up and warm air down.

6 Warm up your bed

Use a hot wa­ter bot­tle to warm up your bed. Toss it un­der the du­vet and you’ll be so toasty you’ll for­get it’s win­ter!

7 Choose heater space

Small heaters are great for keep­ing your bed­room warm, but they don’t make much of an im­pact in larger rooms. Don’t waste money on run­ning a heater that isn’t keep­ing you warm.

8 Cosy up with wool

Wool blan­kets and jumpers are great for stay­ing warm. The fi­bres in them are crimped, cre­at­ing small air pock­ets to trap in heat.

9 Rub your wrists

Rub­bing your wrists to­gether helps you warm up be­cause these are ar­eas where blood ves­sels come close to the sur­face of the skin. Heat­ing this area will help heat the blood and the rest of the body.

10 Bake all day

Us­ing your oven heats up the whole house. You’ll feel even cosier if you in­vite your friends – and their body heat – over to eat freshly baked cook­ies.

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