Su­sanne has scooped £3,721!

Pick Me Up! - - PROMOTION - Su­sanne West­wood, 50, Powys

rub­bing the hair dye into a lather on my head, I sat on the toi­let seat while it set. It was Novem­ber 2015 and I was giv­ing my dark locks a bit of a colour boost.

My part­ner Ju­lian, 45, was down­stairs watch­ing TV.

So to pass the time in the bath­room while I waited for the colour to set, I de­cided to en­joy a few games of bingo on my phone.

I’d joined Pick Me Up! Bingo the year be­fore after my daugh­ter, 29, recommended it. ‘It’s fun,’ she told me. And she was right.

It kept me en­ter­tained and was great for pass­ing the time. Just like now.

Perched on the toi­let seat, I bought a few tick­ets for Sap­phire – my favourite game.

I watched as the games played out.

Then I re­alised I only needed one number to win the £1,000 jack­pot.

A few min­utes passed, and then…

‘Bingo!’ I shouted out as my number was called.

Then a mes­sage flashed on the screen, telling me I was the win­ner.

I couldn’t be­lieve it.

£1,000, just like that.

I was so des­per­ate to run down­stairs and tell Ju­lian the good news.

But by now it was time to wash the dye out of my hair.

As soon as I’d washed it off, I threw my hair up into a towel and ran down­stairs, tak­ing them two at a time.

‘You won’t be­lieve it…’ I be­gan, as Ju­lian car­ried on watch­ing TV. ‘I’ve just won £1,000 on the bingo.’

That cer­tainly got his at­ten­tion!

‘You what?’ he laughed, his eyes sud­denly on me.

I showed him my phone and his jaw dropped. ‘That’s amaz­ing!’ he grinned. With Christ­mas just around the cor­ner we de­cided to spend the cash on even more presents for our four grand­kids.

We bought them all sorts of toys, clothes and gad­gets.

They were ab­so­lutely over the moon.

After such a lovely win, I never ex­pected to scoop an­other jack­pot.

But in Au­gust this year I was in for an­other surprise.

It was get­ting late, so I de­cided to have a few quick games of bingo be­fore bed.

I bought a few tick­ets for Sap­phire and Bingo Lounge.

As my games fin­ished, I got up to turn my lap­top off.

But just as I did, a mes­sage flashed up on-screen.

When I looked closely

I played while wait­ing for my hair colour to set

We chat­ted for hours about how to spend the money

I re­alised I’d won £2,721! I couldn’t be­lieve it. Ju­lian was just about to get into bed, so I ran up­stairs to tell him.

‘Guess what, I’ve won again!’ I beamed.

‘Yeah right,’ Ju­lian replied, think­ing I was pulling his leg.

‘It’s true!’ I laughed. ‘£2,721!’

When the penny fi­nally dropped, he couldn’t stop smil­ing.

‘This is un­be­liev­able!’ he chuck­led.

That night in bed we spent an hour chat­ting about what to spend the win­nings on…

A hol­i­day, a shop­ping spree, a new de­signer hand­bag for me…

By the next morn­ing though, we’d de­cided. We’re both house-proud, so we wanted to in­dulge in a brand-new cooker, plus a nice car­pet for the lounge.

So, that’s what we did.

And we even had enough money left over to treat our­selves to a new mo­bile phone each and a lap­top.

Win­ning twice has been amaz­ing.

I really can’t thank Pick Me Up! Bingo enough.

I never thought I’d be a dou­ble win­ner.

But here I am telling you my story.

I’m proof it can hap­pen to any­one.

We bought a brand­new cooker

my WIN meant lots Of Treats for The house!

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