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wak­ing up, I felt a fa­mil­iar pound­ing in my head. Only, as I stared in the mir­ror my eye was com­pletely swollen. Prac­ti­cally shut.

Grab­bing the phone I punched in Mum’s num­ber as quickly as I could.

It was pure in­stinct, to reach out to Mum. She’d al­ways been there in a cri­sis, and I knew she wouldn’t let me down now.

‘We must get you to a doc­tor,’ Mum said. ‘I’m on my way.’

I didn’t want to make a fuss but Mum was right. I needed to get it checked out.

It’s a good job I did. Within hours I was hooked up to a drip and ven­ti­la­tor.

Then I was rushed for emer­gency brain surgery.

When I woke up, Mum was there with me.

‘You al­most died,’ she said. While I was in hos­pi­tal, Mum had looked af­ter my son James, 9.

She’d got him to school, helped with his home­work…

I knew with Mum by our sides we’d be all right.

And I am, thanks to Mum

in­sist­ing that I got to hos­pi­tal.

So this is a thank you to my amaz­ing su­per­mum, I don’t know what I’d do with­out you.

Mum and me with my boy James

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