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Will di­a­betes go?

QI’m preg­nant and have been di­ag­nosed with di­a­betes. They say it’ll get bet­ter af­ter preg­nancy. But what if

I get preg­nant again?

Ruth, Run­corn

AThere’s an in­creased risk of de­vel­op­ing ges­ta­tional di­a­betes in fur­ther preg­nan­cies or de­vel­op­ing di­a­betes in later life. A good diet re­duces this risk. Mon­i­tor­ing can help con­trol di­a­betes if you get it.

QI have tiny red lumps on my tummy. Should I get them re­moved? Becky, En­field

ATh­ese are called cherry an­giomas and are com­mon skin growths that can de­velop on most parts of the body. They’re en­tirely be­nign and usu­ally range in size from a pin­point to about ¼in di­am­e­ter.

Re­moval causes scar­ring and, as the le­sions don’t tend to grow, treat­ment isn’t rec­om­mended or nec­es­sary.

Dan­druff in ears!

QMy ears are al­ways itchy and some­times there’s stuff on my pil­low. It looks like dan­druff, but is that even pos­si­ble?! Sprays do help, but then it comes back. What can I do? Caro­line, Waltham Cross

ARe­cur­rent outer ear in­fec­tions can be a sign of de­vel­op­ing di­a­betes, so have a check. If you are di­a­betic and start treat­ment, your ears should im­prove.

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