Meet ly­ing boyfriend’s kids?

So­nia, 29 Birmingham

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Ire­ally love my best friend’s chil­dren but I’ve never wanted any of my own.

I made this very clear to my boyfriend when I first met him on a dat­ing site.

We’ve been see­ing each other for three months now, but one day he blurted out that he ac­tu­ally has two chil­dren al­ready.

I was to­tally stunned. He apol­o­gised for not be­ing up­front with me from the start, but now he wants me to meet his kids.

I’m still upset that he lied to me, and now, I feel I can no longer trust him. He knew I didn’t want chil­dren in my life yet he be­gan dat­ing me.

I’m so torn. Should I agree to meet his kids?


Pick Me Up! reader Dorothy Hather­ley says, ‘You love your friend’s kids, so why not meet your part­ner’s? You told him at the start you didn’t want kids, but maybe back then, he wanted to see how your re­la­tion­ship went. Now he knows he wants to have a fu­ture with you, he’s prob­a­bly a bit ashamed he didn’t tell you.

Give it a try, you might en­joy it.’


Pick Me Up! reader Lind­say Jane Magee says, ‘Blimey! Ques­tion is how much do you love him? Is he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? I un­der­stand you think he’s bro­ken your trust but he may have thought it’d scare you off. I don’t think you should meet his kids, but if you do de­cide to, you need to think hard about it as they may see you be­ing around for the long term.’

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