Weird to stay close to ex’s mother?

He­len, 32 Belfast

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My ex and I split up 18 months ago and I have a new part­ner who I’ve been dat­ing for about six months. But he’s not happy I still see my ex’s mum.

We were close when I was dat­ing her son, and I con­sider her a friend. Yet my cur­rent part­ner thinks that all we talk about is my ex, when we don’t at all. He says I should stop see­ing her or he’ll leave me.

I’m gut­ted as I don’t want him to go, but I don’t want to lose a friend. Should I stop see­ing my ex’s mum for him?


Pick Me Up! reader Sarah Jauch says, ‘There’s noth­ing wrong in say­ing hello to your ex’s mum, or hav­ing a chat if you bump into her. But if there are no kids in­volved, I think it’s a bit un­fair on your new part­ner to see a lot of her. Put your­self in his shoes. I’m sure you’d be a bit put out.’


Pick Me Up! reader Saman­tha Cooper says, ‘Tell him to ac­cept you’re friends with her or leave. It sounds as though he’s al­ready try­ing to con­trol and dic­tate who you can and can­not be friends with, by threat­en­ing to leave if you don’t com­ply. That should be ring­ing some se­ri­ous alarm bells.’

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