The tan-cred­i­ble hulk

laura Den­ton, 29, from Northaller­ton, was left feel­ing green af­ter a trip to the tan­ning salon...

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Chat­ting, films and a take­away...a per­fect Sat­ur­day night in!

But me and my mate Rosie, 23, were start­ing early.

‘Shall we get a spray tan?’ she asked that af­ter­noon in March 2012.

She ex­plained there was a great new place in town we could try.

I ap­plied a bit of fake tan ev­ery now and then, but I’d never been to a tan­ning salon be­fore.

‘Sure, let’s glam our­selves up!’ I grinned.

So I drove us into town and we made our way to the salon.

‘Looks very pro­fes­sional!’ I whis­pered to Rosie as we walked through the door.

The salon as­sis­tant at re­cep­tion told us about a new tan­ning prod­uct that was on of­fer.

‘It’ll re­act to your own nat­u­ral skin tone and en­hance the colour,’ she ex­plained. ‘Sounds good,’ agreed Rosie. So we paid up, stripped, and put on the pro­tec­tive pa­per un­der­wear the salon gave us.

I went into the booth first, and closed my eyes as

I was sprayed with the tan­ning prod­uct.

Just as I was leav­ing the booth, I looked at my arm and no­ticed that it looked a lit­tle off.

Al­most as if it had a slight green tinge...

It’ll pass, I thought. Af­ter all, spray tans need a few hours to prop­erly sink in and adapt.

But when Rosie emerged 15 min­utes later, my mouth fell open.

My mate had turned a choco­late-brown shade!

‘And you’re green!’ she ex­claimed.

Look­ing down at my­self again, I re­alised she was right.

We stared at each other, gobsmacked, be­fore go­ing to find the salon as­sis­tant to find out what went wrong.

‘Leave it overnight, it’ll go down,’ she as­sured us.

I hoped so, didn’t want to go out look­ing like an alien!

Blush­ing (un­der­neath it all!), we just wanted to get back to Rosie’s place and wait it out.

But we’d have to cross the busy high street to get to the car park!

‘OK,’ I sighed to Rosie, ‘ let’s go for it!’

Dashing through the crowds of week­end shop­pers, we got a lot of funny looks!

We thought we might as well have a laugh!

‘Hello!’ cooed Rosie at the per­plexed passers-by.

‘Af­ter­noon!’ I gig­gled, wav­ing.

We fi­nally made it back to the car and burst into laugh­ter.

We weren’t go­ing to let it ruin our girlie movie night, but we couldn’t bring our­selves to stop for pop­corn.

As the evening went on, the tans didn’t set­tle any bet­ter. If any­thing, they got worse. Rosie had turned re­ally dark, and my sickly green tinge hadn’t faded one bit.

‘I look like a fe­male Hulk!’ I laughed as we snapped some funny photos.

The next day, I was still bright green.

‘I’ve got work to­mor­row!’ I squeaked to Rosie.

Work­ing as a teach­ing as­sis­tant, I could hardly walk into school look­ing like the In­cred­i­ble Hulk!

I spent at least 30 min­utes in a boil­ing hot shower, des­per­ately try­ing to scrub off the tan.

We weren’t upset, but we did make a com­plaint to the salon, who apol­o­gised and of­fered an­other ses­sion free of charge. No thanks!

We never did find out why the prod­uct re­acted the way it did, but I sup­pose you’ve gotta laugh!

I had work the next day, could hardly walk in look­ing like this! you’ve gotta laugh!

Browned off and green around the gills!

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