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aries 21 March–20 April

i know you think you have a close one’s best in­ter­ests at heart, but as­pects sug­gest that by tak­ing such life- chang­ing ac­tions, you could well force them out of your life. talks you have on wed­nes­day and Fri­day can see you work­ing as a team.

can­cer 22 June–23 July

why are you putting so much pres­sure on your­self can­cer? if you’re not care­ful you’re go­ing to make your­self ill. do what you can in a day and then make sure you use the rest of the time to re­lax. a rested mind is more likely to bring you the an­swers you need.

libra 24 Sept–23 Oct

Pay at­ten­tion to the lit­tle things you say and do. they will be re­mem­bered by oth­ers for some time to come. You start to feel more con­fi­dent about per­sonal de­ci­sions and an­nounce­ments oth­ers make this week that will al­ter sev­eral lives.

capricorn 22 Dec–20 Jan

a sen­si­tive feel to your chart could see you tak­ing what oth­ers say too much to heart. try to keep your eyes open (and those blink­ers off). it can save you from look­ing and feel­ing in­fe­rior in front of the many new faces en­ter­ing your life at this time.

taurus 21 April–21 May

You’re bored by your rou­tine, but that doesn’t mean you have to take such dras­tic ac­tions to prove this fact to close ones. show­ing a more ma­ture form of com­mu­ni­ca­tion can get you the sup­port you were lack­ing. call for more de­tails.

leo 24 July–23 Aug

You find out much you did not know about the faces in your in­ner cir­cle. this teaches you that be­ing dif­fer­ent is what makes our world such an in­ter­est­ing place to be. ring now to hear how new re­la­tion­ships are blessed by Venus this week.

scorpio 24 Oct–22 Nov

try­ing to get time alone to work out where you have been go­ing wrong is vi­tal. You are the one in charge and if you hand over the power to oth­ers this week then you could close the door on a very im­por­tant dream. stand up for what and who you want.

aquarius 21 Jan–19 Feb

i see that you are try­ing to do the right thing, but try­ing and achiev­ing are two dif­fer­ent things. don’t rule out al­low­ing oth­ers to help you. Your stars tell me that what you are try­ing to do needs the in­put of those who are more ex­pe­ri­enced in such mat­ters.

gem­ini 22 May–21 June

any ex­tra ef­forts and hard work you put into things this week is sure to pay div­i­dends. don’t tell tales on friends. You may re­gret it if you do when you see what rev­e­la­tions your own life will re­veal to oth­ers soon. wed­nes­day brings a very im­por­tant phone call.

virgo 24 Aug–23 Sept

there’s a re­ally hec­tic feel to your chart, and it must feel as if there are not enough hours in the day for you lately. make time to lis­ten to what the younger gen­er­a­tion have to say to you. they have ways for you to make up for that lost time.

sagittarius 23 Nov–21 Dec

try to pay at­ten­tion to what oth­ers are ask­ing of you. For too long now you have been try­ing to cope alone when those who care for you, want to and can help you to tie up loose ends. Le­gal links go in your favour if you re­spect the tim­ings given.

pisces 20 Feb–20 March

You have lost faith in what a close one is say­ing, but this week they are will­ing to pull out all the stops if you can show them that you have not lost trust in them. an ex is on your mind but think about ask­ing a third party to in­ter­vene for what you re­quire from them.

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