iron Man… and wife!

Louisa Han­ley, 40, from Glas­gow, was out shop­ping with her mates when some­thing very sur­pris­ing hap­pened

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It would be some­thing to tell my boyfriend when I got home

Push­ing my buggy through the busy crowds on Buchanan Street in Glas­gow’s city cen­tre, my girl­friends and I were treat­ing our­selves to some well-de­served re­tail ther­apy.

It was June 2018 and, along with my daugh­ter Meghan, 8 months, and my two friends Mag­gie, 39, and Suzi, 38, I was en­joy­ing the sum­mer sun­shine.

We’d nor­mally meet up at the week­ends in Glas­gow’s trendy West End, but Mag­gie and Suzi in­sisted on go­ing into the city cen­tre in­stead...

As we walked past the Ap­ple Store, Mag­gie grabbed my at­ten­tion.

‘Look Louisa, there’s Iron Man!’ she said ex­cit­edly.

She pointed to a street per­former, dressed up as the Marvel su­per­hero, played in the films by Robert Downey Jr.

Street per­form­ers usu­ally lined Buchanan Street, so I didn’t take much no­tice.

‘He’s re­ally good, you should give him a few quid!’ Mag­gie goaded me on. ‘Oh, I’m not so sure,’ I said. But they kept nudg­ing me. ‘Go on, Louisa, you might as well!’ Mag­gie per­sisted. ‘OK, OK, I’ll give him £2…’ I said with a laugh.

My boyfriend Daniel and I were big fans of Marvel and loved go­ing on dates to see the fran­chise’s lat­est re­leases.

Only re­cently, I’d taken Meghan to a kids’ screen­ing of Marvel’s lat­est film Avengers: In­fin­ity War.

It ’d be some­thing to tell Daniel about when I got home, I sup­posed...

But, as I ap­proached the per­former, I could feel ev­ery­one’s eyes were on me. What’s go­ing on? I thought. Then, as I leant over to drop my change, Iron Man dropped to one knee. He took off his mask and then said… ‘Louisa, will you marry me?’

All I could feel was a wave of fear and my in­stincts told me to run away! As I stepped back, about to do a run­ner, I was so con­fused. What was hap­pen­ing? Why did this ran­dom per­son just ask me to marry them? And how did he know my name?! But, gath­er­ing my wits and look­ing closer, I re­alised the street per­former was none other than…my boyfriend Daniel!

There he was, down on one knee, with a beau­ti­ful, sparkling di­a­mond en­gage­ment ring, in front of ev­ery­one in the street to see!

Over­whelmed, I couldn’t be­lieve Daniel, 37, would pro­pose this way.

We’d been to­gether for nearly eight years, and he was ro­man­tic and fun. But this was wild even for him!

‘Oh my God, Daniel!’ I said, in be­tween laugh­ter and catch­ing my breath. ‘Yes, of course I’ll marry you!’

Daniel gave me a mas­sive hug and we kissed.

It was an un­for­get­table mo­ment and it took a sec­ond for ev­ery­thing to sink in.

As much as I was stunned, I was also re­ally happy.

‘You’re so clever, dress­ing up as Iron Man!’ I beamed.

I can’t wait for our wed­ding. We haven’t set a date just yet, but we’re aim­ing for 2020.

We’d love to go abroad to tie the knot, es­pe­cially when our Meghan’s a lit­tle bit older.

Look­ing back, I can’t quite be­lieve Daniel popped the ques­tion dressed up as my very own su­per­hero.

I’d choose him over Robert Downey Jr any day of the week!

Me and my su­per­hero

What was go­ing on?!

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