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Breast, bot­tle, mixed feed­ing – re­gard­less of which one you do, do what’s right for you and your baby. A fed baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby makes a happy mum. I think mid­wives and health vis­i­tors need to be more help­ful to those who want to breast­feed and more un­der­stand­ing to­wards those who don’t. Louise Clamp, Swadlin­cote I have four daugh­ters and I strug­gled at home to feed each of mine for six months. How­ever,

I feel breast or bot­tle is healthy for your baby. Deb­bie Had­den, Stour­bridge I tried to breast­feed but couldn’t do it. I had no sup­port when

I gave birth to my son. I ex­pressed for a few weeks, then went on to use only for­mula. There’s too much pres­sure to breast­feed and a lot of bad feel­ing to­wards for­mula feed­ing. Sarah Jauch, Pem­brokeshire

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