Bingo win­ners

Abbi Bar­nett, 30, from Ha­vant, used her bingo win to glam up her house!

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Flick­ing the TV chan­nels with the re­mote, I couldn’t find any­thing I wanted to watch. So I clicked the TV off.

‘I’m not in the mood for telly,’ I told my hubby Paul, 38, as he came down­stairs. ‘No, me nei­ther,’ he agreed. With our three chil­dren in bed, we had a whole night ahead of us. Bliss.

Ooh, but how to spend it? We watch telly most nights, but I was in the mood for some­thing dif­fer­ent. ‘I know,’ I said to Paul, pulling out my mo­bile. ‘Fancy a game on Pick Me Up! Bingo?’ I’d signed up to Pick Me Up! Bingo ear­lier that day, af­ter a friend told us how much fun the games were. ‘You’re on,’ Paul grinned. I chose to play Bingo Royale. The rules are sim­ple. There are 90 balls in the game, and the balls are called un­til play­ers win cash prizes for one line, two lines or a Full House. It’s clas­sic bingo – the type you play in a bingo hall – but even eas­ier. Once the num­bers are called, they’re dabbed off for you, so you won’t miss any if you look away for a se­cond. ‘That’s good,’ Paul said. Even bet­ter, it meant you could talk to friends in the cha­t­rooms, or leave the game to watch telly while the num­bers came in. It was fun, espe­cially as the games were fast-paced and en­ter­tain­ing.

Mak­ing my­self comfy, I bought 36 tick­ets for the next game at 10p each, a to­tal of £3.60.

With nearly 400 other play­ers in this game, the cha­t­room buzzed with chat­ter.

It was not just a nor­mal round of Royale Bingo, but a link game. It’s a spe­cial-event

game that brings to­gether se­lected rooms from time to time, of­fer­ing the chance to win an ever big­ger Full House.

As the game played out, I was on the edge of my seat. My num­bers kept pop­ping up.

‘I’ve got one left!’ I was soon squeak­ing to Paul. Surely

I couldn’t be­lieve I’d won!

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