wee & bis­cuits?! it’s my morn­ing cuppa!

Faith Can­ter, 39, from Aberdeen, found a so­lu­tion for her med­i­cal woes and you won’t be­lieve what it is...

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Rolling over in bed, I stretched my arms above my head as the warm Por­tuguese sun beat down through the win­dow. But when I tried to open my eyes, my right eye re­mained shut.

As soon as I touched it, a fa­mil­iar throb­bing pain and itch be­gan.

Grab­bing my phone and flip­ping the cam­era onto selfie mode, I looked at my eye.

It had swollen to the size of a golf ball in sec­onds. I knew straight away it was a mos­quito bite.

I’d moved from Aberdeen to

Castelo Branco, Por­tu­gal, this

June, af­ter trav­el­ling all over Europe and Asia.

But, one thing plagued me wher­ever I went...mossies!

Ev­ery time, I left the UK, I was a mag­net for the pesky lit­tle blighters. My skin swelled for 10 days and the con­tin­u­ous itch­ing sent me bonkers.

On one trip to Thai­land, I’d ended up in hos­pi­tal, cov­ered in hun­dreds of weep­ing welts. I’d tried ev­ery­thing to ease the ter­ri­ble re­ac­tion I suf­fered, from an­ti­his­tamines to nat­u­ral reme­dies.

I seized on any old wives’ tale, eat­ing cloves of gar­lic and cut­ting ba­nanas from my diet. But noth­ing worked. One day, while try­ing not to itch a new bite on my knee, my friend Dan, 36, sug­gested some­thing...um, un­usual. ‘Have you heard of urine ther­apy?’ he asked.

‘You what?’ I asked.

‘Trust me, it works,’ he replied, deadly se­ri­ous. I wrin­kled my nose as he told how he’d ap­plied his own wee to a scor­pion st­ing a year ear­lier, the

pain van­ish­ing im­me­di­ately.

‘It’s most ef­fec­tive if you drink it, though,’ he added. Eww…def­i­nitely not for me! But that morn­ing in June, I was des­per­ate.

A health coach, I had clients to see, and couldn’t af­ford to be stuck at home with a swollen eye for 10 days.

Grab­bing a glass from the kitchen, I re­mem­bered Dan’s story, and thought, it’s now or never...

Sit­ting on the loo, I filled the cup, then held up the glass of yel­low liq­uid.

It was in­stinct to have a sniff. For­tu­nately, the smell wasn’t too bad.

But feel­ing the heat of my urine ra­di­at­ing off the glass, my stom­ach churned.

I knew if I thought about it any longer, I’d chicken out. Bot­toms up!

Knock­ing back the glass of pee in one foul hit, I swal­lowed it like a shot, then slammed the empty glass down on the sink.

Look­ing in the mir­ror, I fo­cused on any­thing I could to avoid be­ing sick.

More than the smell or taste, it was sim­ply the thought of what I’d done.

The worst part over, all I could do was wait.

Grab­bing a pair of sun­glasses, I headed out of the house to run a few er­rands with a friend.

In the car on the way home a few hours later, I re­alised my eye hadn’t felt itchy for a while.

Re­mov­ing my sun­glasses, I flipped the vi­sor down and gasped.

The swelling had al­most com­pletely van­ished.

‘Oh, my God, look!’ I squealed to my friend, who’d pulled to a stop.

‘How did you get the swelling to go down so fast?’ I looked at him sheep­ishly. ‘I drank my own wee,’ I con­fessed.

It was a hot topic among my friends, some do­ing it, some not.

Now I’d seen the in­cred­i­ble ef­fect, I was scared if I stopped, the swelling would come back.

So, each morn­ing I would dis­ap­pear into the bath­room with a jar, and gulp down as much of it as I could.

The flavour re­minded me a lit­tle bit of co­conut water. But I be­gan to no­tice how dif­fer­ent foods af­fected the taste.

As­para­gus, one of my favourite veg­gies be­came a no-go. The taste and smell of my pee be­came un­bear­able if I ate it.

Still, I didn’t dare go a day with­out forc­ing my­self to take at least a swig.

Af­ter do­ing a bit of re­search, I found that con­sum­ing a few drops of your urine ap­par­ently cre­ates a feed­back mech­a­nism in the body, al­low­ing it to recog­nise poi­sons and threats quicker. There’s no sci­en­tific ev­i­dence to back up urine ther­apy, but it was work­ing for me.

Not only did it cause the welts on my skin to go down quickly, over time, I al­most com­pletely stopped re­act­ing to mos­quito bites.

I no­ticed other ben­e­fits, too.

My thin hair seemed to be thicker, my skin clearer. Even my di­ges­tive sys­tem seemed more set­tled.

My friends and fam­ily were sur­pris­ingly open­minded about my un­usual drink­ing habits.

They’d all heard about us­ing pee on a jel­ly­fish st­ing. Was it such a leap to be­lieve it has other ben­e­fits?

Now I’ve been do­ing it for four months, I’m not em­bar­rassed to tell peo­ple.

If I’m happy with what I’m putting in my body, I should be happy drink­ing what’s com­ing out of it.

It’s be­come a way for me to mon­i­tor my over­all health by keep­ing an eye on the colour and taste.

I’m not sure what a doc­tor would say...

But I’ve no plans to stop gulp­ing my two glasses a day.

The taste re­minded me a lit­tle bit of co­conut water

Now: clear skin, healthy locks– I feel great!

Mag­i­cal cure?

Mossie bite: my eye swelled up hor­rif­i­cally


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