My fi­ance’s tackle saved the day!

Ni­cola Bald­win, 33, from New­cas­tle-upon-tyne, got an eye­ful thanks to a wannabe thief

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as he raced out the bed­room, it seems he’d for­got­ten some­thing

Rub­bing the last bit of fake tan onto my legs, I waited im­pa­tiently for the cream to dry. It was a warm night this Au­gust – and at 11pm, I fi­nally crept into bed next to my fi­ance Stephen, 29, who was al­ready fast asleep.

To­gether since 2015, he was a great step­dad to my chil­dren, Leoni , 14, and Harry, 5, who were al­ready asleep in their rooms.

I was look­ing for­ward to catch­ing 40 winks my­self, but just as I’d set­tled down, our bur­glar alarm went off.

‘What?’ I splut­tered, leap­ing up.

Look­ing out the win­dow, I re­alised it wasn’t our bur­glar alarm go­ing off af­ter all.

The noise was com­ing from Stephen’s beloved sil­ver Range Rover on the street out­side our house.

He’d bought it two years ear­lier and had saved £10,000 from his job as a roof tiler to pay for it.

His pride and joy, Stephen was mad about cars and loved cruis­ing around New­cas­tle in it.

At first, I thought that it must have been a cat that caused the alarm to go off.

But as I squinted out the win­dow, my poor eye­sight just about made out a dark, shad­owy fig­ure sit­ting in the driver’s seat.

My stom­ach lurched with fear. Not again… Ear­lier this year, in April, we’d fallen vic­tim to a bur­glary where thieves stole money we’d saved for a trip to Florida with the kids. We were gut­ted. They also took Stephen’s Michael Kors watch and some of Leoni’s jew­ellery.

Since then, Stephen had in­stalled cam­eras to the ex­te­rior of the house, just in case we were tar­geted again...

Fear­ing the worst, I rushed back to bed to wake up Stephen.

‘Stephen,’ I said nudg­ing him as he snored away. ‘Wake up! I think there’s some­one in­side your car!’

‘W-what?’ Steven mum­bled be­tween yawns. ‘Who’s in my car? What are you talk­ing about?’

‘I don’t know who it is, but they’re in­side it and you need to get up!’ I replied fran­ti­cally.

Stephen jumped out of bed and raced to the win­dow.

‘Some­one is there!’ Stephen replied, as­ton­ished. ‘And they’re try­ing to start it!’

Be­fore I knew it, Stephen was rac­ing out the bed­room door and thun­der­ing down the stairs.

Only, seems he had

for­got­ten one thing...

‘Stephen, you’re naked!’ I shouted down the stairs as I wrapped a dress­ing gown around my­self.

But my words were lost on him – and be­fore I knew it, he was out the front door!

As I made it out­side, I couldn’t be­lieve my eyes when I saw Stephen chas­ing af­ter the man who was try­ing to flee up the road.

Then Stephen rugby tack­led him to the ground.

Ter­ri­fied, I was so wor­ried that the man would at­tack my fella...

Sud­denly, Leoni ap­peared be­side me in her py­ja­mas and slip­pers, look­ing be­wil­dered.

‘What’s hap­pen­ing, Mum?’ she asked, con­fused.

‘Don’t look over there!’ I said, wor­ried she’d see Stephen naked. ‘Go in­side and ring the po­lice, some­one is try­ing to steal

Stephen’s car!’

By now, the in­truder was flat on his back, and Stephen was pin­ning him down.

‘Hold him un­til the po­lice come!’ I shouted.

It was then I re­alised the man was only about 17. His face looked white with ter­ror.

Hardly sur­pris­ing see­ing as a stark-naked bloke was sit­ting on top of him!

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’ the lad said, not sure where to look.

Which is when Stephen stood up and to let him go.

‘He was only a kid,’ Stephen said as I raced over.

By now, neigh­bours had gath­ered out­side our house to see what the com­mo­tion was.

I tried des­per­ately to shield Stephen’s mod­esty!

As the boy ran through the street, the po­lice stopped and ques­tioned him.

The next day, they vis­ited his par­ents to tell them what he’d done.

But we de­cided not to press charges. Turns out, the boy had been drunk when he tried to steal Stephen’s car.

No ex­cuse, but we hoped the shock of be­ing tack­led by a naked man might make him see the er­ror of his ways!

‘Ev­ery­one de­serves a sec­ond chance,’ Stephen said. The next day, af­ter re­al­is­ing our CCTV cam­era had cap­tured ev­ery­thing, we sent copies of the footage to friends and fam­ily, so they could have a laugh. We ended up shar­ing the video on­line and Stephen was dubbed the Naked Ninja.

It was shared 1,000s of times on Face­book and gen­er­ated 100s of likes! Stephen be­came a so­cial­me­dia star and users on­line couldn’t get over how hi­lar­i­ous it was that he tack­led a wouldbe thief naked. Look­ing back, it was a scary ex­pe­ri­ence, but we can’t help but laugh at it now.

I’m proud of Stephen for act­ing so quickly that night. He was like a su­per­hero as he sprung into ac­tion... Only in­stead of wear­ing his pants over his clothes, he wasn’t wear­ing any at all!

‘Any­one seen my box­ers?!’

Blue moon: Stephen streaks to his car

Feel­ing gen­er­ous, we let the would-be thief scarper

him­self... Some­one was help­ing

Gotcha! Grap­pled by my bare-faced fella!

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