You cheeky mon­keys

Jemma Baker, 26, from Glouces­ter, was mugged by some hairy hood­lums!

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Soon, we were sur­rounded by them, star­ing at us

Land­ing in Bali in Septem­ber this year, my boyfriend Adam, 27, and I heaved our ruck­sacks onto our backs and headed to the near­est hos­tel.

We couldn’t wait to ex­plore this idyl­lic In­done­sian is­land.

Although it’s 7,000 miles away from my home­town of Glouces­ter, our flight had only been about five hours from Mel­bourne, in Aus­tralia.

We’d been trav­el­ling and work­ing in Oz since Septem­ber 2017, but now we’d ven­tured to the back­packer’s par­adise.

Spend­ing a few days on the golden beaches and snorkelling in the turquoise wa­ters, it was a world away from the grey and rainy days back home.

‘We should check this place out,’ Adam, 27, said.

He was flick­ing through the guide book, and point­ing to a pic­ture of the Mon­key For­est in the his­toric town of Ubud, a sanc­tu­ary for the Ba­li­nese long-tailed mon­key. About 600 of the cute pri­mates lived there!

‘Wow, that sounds amaz­ing!’ I squealed.

So, the next day, we set off on scoot­ers and headed to Ubud.

With mossy walk­ways snaking through the for­est, stone bridges and an­cient stat­ues, the mon­key sanc­tu­ary was ab­so­lutely mag­nif­i­cent.

Beady eyes peeked at us through the vines, and then lit­tle crit­ters came swing­ing to­wards us.

Soon, we were sur­rounded by them, star­ing at us as they sat and chewed on bam­boo. ‘This is bril­liant,’ I said, snap­ping away on my cam­era.

I have my own travel video blog, so I started film­ing.

Sud­denly, the bold lit­tle

an­i­mals came closer, one clam­ber­ing onto my back­pack.

‘Whoa! Take my cam­era, Adam,’ I said, chuck­ing it to him in fits of gig­gles.

An­other mon­key leapt onto my arm.

Within sec­onds, I had one on my head, two on my back and an­other on my hand!

As one fid­dled with my face, I thought it best not move – in case he thought I was be­ing ag­gres­sive and at­tacked me.

Only then I re­alised the crafty lit­tle ras­cals were try­ing

to swipe the con­tents of my back­pack! Rum­mag­ing through it, they were throw­ing my fags and purse be­tween each other, as if they were hav­ing a good old laugh! Adam cer­tainly was – he was in com­plete hys­ter­ics! Try­ing to sup­press my own gig­gles, I stood as still as pos­si­ble.

A cou­ple walk­ing past pointed out my purse on the ground – dropped by one of the thiev­ing mon­keys. Luck­ily, Adam grabbed it be­fore the mon­keys – it had my driv­ing li­cence, hos­tel keys and debit card in­side! Af­ter a few min­utes, the light-fin­gered Art­ful Dodgers climbed off. Search­ing through my bag to make sure I still had ev­ery­thing, I re­alised my cig­a­rettes were miss­ing. Peer­ing up at a nearby tree, I burst out laugh­ing, as I saw a mon­key with an un­lit cig­gie in its mouth. Drop­ping it to the ground, he helped him­self to an­other one from the pack and played around with it. Chuck­ling, I snapped an­other pic­ture and we headed to­wards the exit. ‘What an ex­pe­ri­ence!’ I laughed to Adam.

As we wan­dered out of the for­est, I kept my bag close, to de­ter the pesky pil­fer­ers! We had a won­der­ful twoweek ad­ven­ture on Bali and I’ll never for­get it – es­pe­cially all that mon­key busi­ness!

He nose just what he’s up to!

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