Sack off Christ­mas wed­ding? Yes 6% No 94%

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One of my fi­ance’s cousins has in­vited us to their wed­ding this win­ter – and it’s two days be­fore Christ­mas.

My fi­ance re­ally thinks we should go but I know we can’t af­ford it. We’ve got a 6-mon­thold baby and we’re scrap­ing ev­ery penny we have from his job as I’m not work­ing at the mo­ment.

His cousin was one of his best mates when he was grow­ing up so I know why he wants to go but I think it’s a bad idea. I don’t want him to go alone as I need him at home with me and the baby – it’s our first Christ­mas as a fam­ily!

I don’t want to upset him, but shall I tell him I want to give it a miss?


Pick Me Up! Reader Lynne Dunn says, ‘I don’t think you’re be­ing un­rea­son­able if you’re wor­ried you can’t af­ford it with only one wage com­ing in, and it be­ing right be­fore Christ­mas and with a baby. I would say to him if he wants to go alone then he should, as it would cut costs. It would of course be lovely if you could all go but if money re­ally is an is­sue then you shouldn’t, as wed­dings are ex­pen­sive.‘


Pick Me Up! Reader Natalie Bathie says, ‘You should def­i­nitely make the ef­fort to at­tend. It’s not only his cousin but also a very close friend of his. Just think about how you would feel if peo­ple didn’t at­tend your fam­ily’s cel­e­bra­tions? You don’t have to spend very much money on at­tend­ing the wed­ding at all and I’m sure the cousin would be thrilled that you’re all there.‘

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