Dump if no trust there?

Pick Me Up! - - CHILING REAL LIFE - Tori, 37 Belfast

I’m wor­ried my boyfriend is ly­ing about cheat­ing on me, even though I have no proof. He’s been stay­ing at work later than nor­mal, he talks a lot about this new girl in his team, and he goes out drink­ing with his work­mates.

We don’t live to­gether, but we’ve been dat­ing for around 18 months. There’s just some­thing in­side me that doesn’t trust him. When I stay over at the week­ends he’s usu­ally too hun­gover or tired to have sex, and it’s al­ways me who ini­ti­ates it. I’ve asked if he’s see­ing some­one else and he is adamant he isn’t.

Peo­ple al­ways tell me you should end a re­la­tion­ship if there’s no trust there. But can I end it with­out ev­i­dence?


Pick Me Up! reader He­len Brown says, ‘You don’t trust him, full stop! If there isn’t any trust left in your re­la­tion­ship then there is noth­ing. Even if he isn’t cheat­ing, there’s still no real rea­son to stay to­gether. He’s not in­ter­ested in sex, you’re not happy... Why stay in an un­steady and un­happy re­la­tion­ship? Move on for both your sakes – life’s too short to stay with some­one who doesn’t make you happy!’


Pick Me Up! reader Gil­lian Mckin­non says, ‘I’d never trust any­one 100%, but your in­stincts are worth lis­ten­ing to. He’s prob­a­bly pick­ing up on your doubts and could be dis­tanc­ing him­self from you. Com­mu­ni­cate, but not through ac­cu­sa­tions – just ex­plain your in­se­cu­ri­ties and give him the op­por­tu­nity to of­fer you some re­as­sur­ances. Don’t al­low your doubts to de­fine your re­la­tion­ship.’

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