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‘There should be no shame or stigma at­tached to the menopause, it’s part of life. I talk to my girls about every as­pect, so they’ll know what they could go through when it’s their turn.’ Tracey Bes­sell, South La­nark­shire

‘Why is there a stigma at­tached to some­thing that’s just nat­u­ral for women? I think it’s re­ally good that celebri­ties have openly dis­cussed the menopause. It gets ev­ery­one else talk­ing and helps to break down taboos. It baf­fles me why the menopause is a taboo, any­way.’ Gemma Car­rick, Sun­der­land

‘I’ve had aw­ful hot flushes and my brain seems per­ma­nently foggy. I’m also more tired and ir­ri­ta­ble and have painful joints. It’s good that the menopause is be­ing talked about more, be­cause peo­ple need to know it’s not just a case of a few hot flushes or some­thing to be made fun of.’ Ann John­son, Cheshire

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