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With Doc­tor Ara­bella Onslow

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QI get ter­ri­bly itchy eyes when­ever I go to my nan’s house be­cause of her dog, and an­ti­his­tamines take a while to make them feel bet­ter. Is there any­thing I can do to pre­vent them re­act­ing?

AIf you have a pre­dictable re­ac­tion to your nan’s dog, you should take the an­ti­his­tamines a cou­ple of days up to and dur­ing the visit to re­ally keep the symp­toms un­der con­trol. And use cold com­presses on your eyes, they’re sooth­ing and can help.

How can I keep my choles­terol down?

QMy fam­ily has a his­tory of high choles­terol and most of them are on statins, but I’m not keen. I eat healthily, ex­er­cise reg­u­larly and don’t smoke or drink – is this not enough?

ATh­ese are all cru­cial ways to re­duce your risk of heart dis­ease, but you should check whether it will be enough to bring your choles­terol down to nor­mal lev­els. If not, statins are the next thing to try and they’re very ef­fec­tive.

Avoid­ing an­tibi­otics

QI get fre­quent wa­ter in­fec­tions and the doc­tor has sug­gested I take reg­u­lar an­tibi­otics, but I’m wor­ried about the ef­fects of tak­ing them all the time. Is this the only op­tion? Jes­sica, Rib­ble Val­ley

AIf you don’t want to take reg­u­lar daily an­tibi­otics to man­age re­cur­rent urine in­fec­tions, you could try pa­tient-ini­ti­ated an­tibi­otics – a stand­ing pre­scrip­tion from your GP, ready to take only when you have symp­toms. Talk to your doc­tor about this.

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