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aries 21 March–20 April

You’ve come so far from where you started and I know you’ve done well. You on the other hand are still over­analysing what you think oth­ers’ re­ac­tions re­ally mean. You’re wrong, as this week soon re­veals. Ac­cept the help com­ing your way. Call: 09058 170 710*

tau­rus 21 April–21 May

Be­lieve you can and you’re half­way there Tau­rus. I see you’ve spent far too much time watch­ing other peo­ple’s lives since this year be­gan when you should have been work­ing on en­joy­ing your own. An apol­ogy is headed your way that moves all the goal posts in love. Call: 09058 170 711*

gem­ini 22 May–21 June

Fam­ily stress is ev­i­dent in your chart, but try to re­mem­ber that you can only help in the ar­eas you un­der­stand. Be­ware of try­ing to take on too much or you will only end up frus­trated. An old work con­tact holds the key to you sort­ing out a new work is­sue on Thurs­day. Call: 09058 170 712*

Can­cer 22 June–23 July

Try not to miss any long-ar­ranged ap­point­ments this week or you will only kick your­self later. You may feel tired now, but you’ll feel a whole lot stronger once you have put cer­tain projects be­hind you. Leos hold the key to a fi­nan­cial is­sue that needs sort­ing out. Call: 09058 170 713*

leo 24 July–23 Aug

You can love some­one, but that doesn’t mean you will un­der­stand them 24/seven, does it Leo? Some very mixed sig­nals and changes to ar­range­ments see you not know­ing what to think. Wait and lis­ten when oth­ers speak and I know you’ll be in for a pleas­ant sur­prise. Call: 09058 170 714*

virgo 24 Aug–23 Sept

Venus the planet of love is up to her old tricks and starts to play with your emo­tions. If you have any big de­ci­sions to make then make sure you do so be­fore the end of this week or you will only cre­ate more prob­lems. Fol­low your heart and suc­cess is guar­an­teed. Call: 09058 170 715*

li­bra 24 Sept–23 Oct

Close ones are not mak­ing your life the eas­i­est place to be in re­cent days. Try to work on your self-es­teem in the days ahead. For many of you Librans it re­ally is a case of oth­ers be­liev­ing in you if you be­lieve in your­self too. Fun times link to say­ing yes to a very old friend. Call: 09058 170 716*

scor­pio 24 Oct–22 Nov

Op­ti­mism is es­sen­tial to achieve­ment and it is also the foun­da­tion of courage. You start to re­alise this week what is pos­si­ble and what is not. You have grown in so many ways in re­cent days and I hope you know how im­pressed your loved ones are. Call: 09058 170 717*

sagit­tar­ius 23 Nov–21 Dec

This is a re­ally good week to cut the things out of your life that no longer give you any plea­sure. No ad­dic­tion or habit is too much for you to say good­bye to. Leave those in­flu­ences from the past where they be­long. Your fu­ture is wait­ing. Call: 09058 170 718*

Capri­corn 22 Dec–20 Jan

If you wanted to learn some­thing new or to add a new string to your bow, then this is your week for suc­cess. A split be­tween two peo­ple you know has a domino ef­fect on your friend­ship cir­cle. Don’t take sides as noth­ing is yet what it seems and won’t be for at least an­other week. Call: 09058 170 719*

aquar­ius 21 Jan–19 Feb

Changes to your dayto-day rou­tine may be hard to ad­just to but are sure to be to your ad­van­tage in the long run, so try to hang in there. A face you did not think you would see again will be seek­ing you out. Think about what you want from them by Tues­day. Call: 09058 170 720*

pisces 20 Feb–20 March

Try not to be jeal­ous of the suc­cess your close ones are hav­ing as I see from the stars that your time is near. If you sup­port them now, then they are sure to sup­port you in the same sit­u­a­tion. The greeneyed mon­ster will only bring up is­sues you’ve just moved on from. Call: 09058 170 721*

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