New reg­u­la­tion for GA


I was sur­prised re­cently to dis­cover a whole new batch of reg­u­la­tion for Easa-reg­u­lated Gen­eral Aviation. A quick sweep through the CAA web­site looking for some­thing else en­tirely re­vealed that EASA PART-NCO comes into force this Au­gust. It seems to ap­ply to all the EASA air­craft I see at my club.

Amongst the sen­si­ble ad­vice and di­rec­tion ap­pear to be a few po­ten­tially costly new rules. For ex­am­ple, a PLB is manda­tory for every flight, as is a fire ex­tin­guisher and first aid kit. The new rules also take one of our club air­craft out of the in­stru­ment fly­ing game due to the re­quire­ment for OAT gauge and pitot heat. All these are things that have been manda­tory in the com­mer­cial world for some time but came as a small surprise to the club. Ad­mit­tedly this new reg­u­la­tion has been planned for some time. I would be in­ter­ested in see­ing an ar­ti­cle or feature on the topic be­fore the rule is in force. Ge­orge Wil­liams by email

These re­quire­ments do not seem to have been pro­mul­gated as they should have been. While they do not, as con­trib­u­tor and LAA CEO Steve Slater has pointed out, ap­pear to ap­ply to home­builts and LAA Per­mit to Fly NON-EASA air­craft, there has been con­fu­sion even within the CAA as to which cat­e­gories of air­craft are in­cluded. We will make sure we re­port any fu­ture de­vel­op­ments as they un­fold! — Ed.

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