Hah­n­weide’s vin­tage pot­pourri

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The Old­timer Fliegertr­e­f­fen at Hah­n­weide, near Kirch­heim unter Teck, Ger­many is like no other gath­er­ing in Europe. Take a por­tion of Dux­ford, a help­ing of Old War­den, sea­son with a pinch of Sy­well and Lasham and you get the idea! Since the 1970s Fliegergru­ppe Wolf Hirth has hosted vin­tage meet­ings here. Held on 9-11 Septem­ber, the eigh­teenth Old­timer Fly-in proved as pop­u­lar as ever with 350 air­craft booked into this huge field.

The air­field was trans­formed each day from a sleepy glider field into a hive of ac­tiv­ity. The vis­it­ing air­craft park was home to neatly parked rows of clas­sics. This was dom­i­nated by over forty Piper Cubs and Su­per Cubs – al­though an ex­am­ple sport­ing floats rather stood out! In­ter­spersed amongst these were ex­am­ples of types not of­ten seen else­where in Europe such as the Putzer El­ster, Scheibe Sper­ling and Klemm 107. Nu­mer­ous Jodels, Zlins and for­mer Ger­man Air Force Dornier Do27s and Pi­ag­gio 149s could also be seen. On the open­ing day three JU Air Junkers Ju52s from Duben­dorf flew a for­ma­tion rou­tine and one stayed through the week­end of­fer­ing plea­sure flights.

The dis­play pro­gramme in­cluded a num­ber of war­birds in­clud­ing Karl Grim­minger’s Ger­man-based Hur­ri­cane. Per­haps the most un­usual was a pair of Fla­mants, one of which re­tains a WWII paint scheme adopted for its role in the Dunkirk movie rep­re­sent­ing a Bloch MB174.

Jet noise is sel­dom heard at Hah­n­weide but a wel­come ar­rival was the tur­bine-pow­ered ex Swiss Air Force F+W 3605 tar­get tug — its bizarre ap­pear­ance earn­ing it the nick­name ‘Anteater’. The great­est head-turner was the Flug­mu­seum Messer­schmitt ME262B replica whose rou­tine in­cluded a low ap­proach and go-around on the fi­nal day.

At the other end of the spec­trum, the early days of avi­a­tion were rep­re­sented by skil­ful dis­plays by Mikael Carl­son in his 50hp Gnome Omega-pow­ered Blériot XI (orig­i­nal Swedish built Thulin A) and 110hp Le Rhone-pow­ered Fokker Dr1. BMW Clas­sic Mu­seum’s 1927 Klemm L25a D-EBMX, the old­est orig­i­nal air­wor­thy Ger­man air­craft with the old­est BMW aero en­gine, made a rare trip away from Mu­nich. It has a unique pro­pel­ler with an LED strobe sys­tem set in the pro­pel­ler blades that dis­plays the BMW name and logo.

As Hah­n­weide is renowned for glid­ing it was in­evitable that an ex­cel­lent se­lec­tion of vin­tage glid­ers was on show with some grace­fully flown dur­ing the day and a pair of Red Bull Blaniks with pyro equip­ment of­fer­ing a stun­ning dusk rou­tine.

Hah­n­weide is not just an air­show – it is truly a gath­er­ing and the va­ri­ety of clas­sic types ranged along the crowd­line en­abled

vis­i­tors to en­joy ex­am­ples of air­craft rarely seen. In­ter­spersed with the war­birds was a group of Amer­i­can de­signed clas­sics in­clud­ing: Kin­ner Sport­ster B-1, Bel­lanca Crui­sair, Ryan STA plus Cur­tiss Robin (all from An­tique Aerofly­ers), Cul­ver Cadet, WACO UEC, WACO YKS-6 and Stin­son SR9. Sev­eral Stieglitz, Klemm 35s, a pair of Fiesler Storchs, and large num­bers of Bücker Jung­manns rep­re­sented more lo­cally de­signed types. Amongst the vis­it­ing air­craft from the UK was 1928 Travel Air 4000 NC5427, in which Tom Leaver and Jonathon Wha­ley made a no­table 14hr 50min, 1,170nm round trip from Comp­ton Ab­bas, for which they were pre­sented with a ‘cov­eted wooden air­plane award’. Re­port: Tim Bad­ham


Left: su­perb and var­ied war­bird line-up Top: stand­ing out among the Cubs, PA-18 am­phib­ian NH7814 one you’ll not see else­where in Europe, the Putzer El­ster

Ger­man-based Hur­ri­cane XII

Ju52 trio

Yak-11 and Fla­mant pair, nearer air­craft pre­tend­ing to be a Bloch MB174 bomber

Flug­mu­seum Messer­schmitt ME262B

F+W C3605 ‘Anteater’ tar­get tug

Mikael Carl­son’s Thulin Blériot XI

Red Bull Blaniks with pyro equip­ment fly­ing a stun­ning dusk rou­tine

1927 Klemm Kl 25 with LED sys­tem set in the pro­pel­ler

An­tique Aerofly­ers’ Cur­tiss Robin NC292E

A brace of Storchs

An­tique Aerofly­ers’ rare 1934 Kin­ner Sport­ster B-1

Hand­some Klemm 35

Sun­set flight for Mikael Carl­son’s au­then­tic Dr1

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