The Isaacs Fury II’S pi­lot was per­form­ing aer­o­bat­ics when, at the bot­tom of a loop, he en­coun­tered wake tur­bu­lence, and the air­craft rolled left. He re­cov­ered to wings-level but noted that some fab­ric had sep­a­rated from the for­ward area of the up­per left wing. Af­ter per­form­ing a con­trol check in ap­proach con­fig­u­ra­tion, and de­spite a marked rolling ten­dency, the pi­lot car­ried out a nor­mal land­ing, Sub­se­quent in­spec­tion by the Light Air­craft As­so­ci­a­tion re­vealed a fail­ure of the af­fected wing’s lead­ing edge struc­ture, most likely the re­sult of pre­vi­ous dam­age which may have been small enough to be missed dur­ing pre­flight checks, and had then pro­gressed dur­ing the higher en­ergy aer­o­batic ma­noeu­vring. The source of this pre­vi­ous dam­age could not be estab­lished. The LAA noted that while the area in ques­tion could not be in­spected with­out use of a steplad­der, thor­ough pre­flight in­spec­tions of all air­craft sur­faces is ex­tremely im­por­tant.

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