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Carl Fer­land, 59, started with a sin­gle Denny’s fran­chise in 1994 and has suc­cess­fully grown his com­pany’s restau­rant chain to 48 restau­rants in six south­ern states. In 1999, with just five stores but ex­pect­ing growth, he wanted to learn to fly so that he could visit his restau­rants by day yet still be home for din­ner in the evening. He started fly­ing a Cessna 172 in 1999 but moved to a Cessna 182 a year later. How­ever, when he heard about the newly-cer­ti­fied Cir­rus SR-22, he “had to have one”. He pur­chased his first in 2001 and has since owned seven dif­fer­ent SR-22S.

In 2010 he pur­chased po­si­tion num­ber 30 for the new Cir­rus SF50 sin­gle-en­gined jet. While wait­ing for the air­craft’s cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, how­ever, he de­cided to pur­chase the Cessna Citation Mus­tang in late 2015. He has since flown close to 200 hours in the Mus­tang, bring­ing his per­sonal to­tal to 3,700.

To­day he says “I have since sold most of my restau­rants and my mis­sion has now changed. The Mus­tang is easy to fly but I be­lieve the Cir­rus SF50 will fit my mis­sion bet­ter. The Mus­tang is a great air­plane and I have had a lot of fun fly­ing it”. Carl ex­pects to take de­liv­ery of his new Cir­rus jet late this year.

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