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See if your knowl­edges matches that of our quiz­mas­ter — and maybe win a Run­wayhd app as a prize

1 Af­ter tak­ing off in a Di­a­mond DA40 NG from an air­field with an el­e­va­tion of 500ft amsl and QNH of ex­actly 1013hpa, the pi­lot ad­justs power so the air­craft climbs straight ahead into a head­wind of 10kt with a rate of climb of 500fpm and main­tain­ing a TAS of 100kt. How far away from the air­field will the air­craft be when it reaches FL65? a 12nm b 18nm c 23nm d 29nm


You are on fi­nal to land on Run­way 32 at Leeds/brad­ford (EGNM) when TWR ad­vises you that the wind is 290/20kt. What cross­wind com­po­nent should you ex­pect to en­counter on land­ing? a 6kt b 10kt c 14kt d 20kt


Which cities are served by the air­ports which have been given the fol­low­ing names? a Robin Hood b John F Kennedy c John Len­non d Ge­orge Best e Franz Josef Strauss f Bob Hope


Af­ter en­coun­ter­ing un­fore­cast strong head­winds dur­ing a cross­coun­try flight a pi­lot re­alises the fuel sit­u­a­tion is be­com­ing crit­i­cal and makes a call to Ap­proach at his des­ti­na­tion ad­vis­ing “Min­i­mum fuel”. Is that the best way to en­sure pri­or­ity treat­ment by ATC? a yes b only at a mil­i­tary air­field c no

5 What colour is used for the lights that mark ob­sta­cles on an aero­drome? a or­ange b blue c vi­o­let d red


What is the cor­rect re­ply for the pi­lot of G-BBLT to make af­ter re­ceiv­ing the call from ATC: “Golf-lima Tango hold short of Run­way 26”? a ”Golf-lima Tango, Wilco” b ”Golf-lima Tango, Roger” c ”Hold­ing short of Run­way 26, Golf-lima

Tango, ” d ”Golf-lima Tango”

7 This strut-braced high-wing two-seat light air­craft is pow­ered by an O-320 D1F en­gine built by Ly­coming but its air­frame is home­built. What type is it? a Elm­wood Chris­tavia b Jabiru c Gla­sair Glas­tar d Mur­phy Rebel

8 By which of these groups of four fac­tors is the aero­dy­namic lift of a wing de­ter­mined? a co­ef­fi­cient of lift; air tem­per­a­ture;

air­speed; wing area b en­gine power out­put; wing area; air

den­sity; air­speed c air­speed; air den­sity; wing load­ing;

co­ef­fi­cient of lift d co­ef­fi­cient of lift; air den­sity;

air­speed; wing area


In July’s Pi­lot ar­ti­cle about the BA Swal­low it was ex­plained that, de­spite its name, the Bri­tish Air­craft Swal­low was es­sen­tially a di­rect de­scen­dant of the Ger­man Klemm L.25 de­sign. In which coun­try was its Pob­joy Ni­a­gara II ra­dial en­gine de­signed and man­u­fac­tured? a Eng­land b Canada c Ger­many d France

10 The risk of car­bu­ret­tor ic­ing is at its great­est when the OAT (out­side air tem­per­a­ture) is within which of these ranges (Cel­sius)? a be­low -15°C b be­tween -15°C and -5°C c be­tween -5°C and +15°C d above +15°C

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